It’s the first of December and it snowed this morning. Like clockwork the seasons come around. It’s almost like Nature doesn’t subscribe the the religion of Climate Change. I was looking at some Google flights yesterday and now all the flight listing come with an “emissions” number. So if you’re flying from New York to Barcelona there are several flights to choose from with varying “emissions” totals. If you’re literally insane you might take notice of this and act accordingly, but Google apparently thinks people should ‘get on board’ with this. This only leads me to believe that the people running Google are insane. Everything is politicized and Progressive propaganda. The ‘news’ isn’t news, it’s propaganda. Even the alternative ‘news’ is propaganda, but of a different kind. It’s all worthless.

This morning’s snow was nice, as in it was the powdery kind that you can almost blow off your car’s windshield with your own breath. The worst kind is the heavy stuff which freezes overnight and encases everything in it. This journal today isn’t going anywhere. It’s like my travel plans. Not going anywhere anytime soon. I can’t stand the airport any more, but that’s been the same ever since George Bush’s Homeland Security make this an insufferable and useless part of getting anywhere by air. It used to be fun, but now it’s dehumanizing. I don’t want to be a part of it. If the TSA had actually stopped any kind of terrorist act, it might have proven to be worthwhile. It’s like the covid vaccine now. Because there hasn’t been a terrorist attack, that’s how you know it’s working.

To finish up today. I’m an hour away from second breakfast, so maybe I’ll work on some music tracks. It’s started to snow again outside. It’s a kind of Kinkadian winter wonderland. If I think of anything interesting to say, maybe I’ll come back to this later.






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