There’s a whole lot of groping going on.

I just read two news stories about this. The first one was about Joe Biden, who when embracing someone called Eva Longoria, (who I gather is some kind of celebrity) rubbed his thumb on the outside of her boob. The Twitter post had a handy slowed-down and enlarged version of it, just so you didn’t miss it. The other story was about the New Mexico governor, Michelle Lujan Grisham who just has paid $150,000 to settle a claim of sexual harassment from a former campaign spokesman. Michelle, according to the story, had poured a bottle of water on his crotch in front of other staffers during a meeting and then grabbed his genitals through his clothes while she laughed.

Sometimes when we touch…

Oh no, it’s practically rape! What the fuck is wrong with people? Whilst I have little time for Biden, or Michelle Grisham, I’m struggling to find any real crimes here. Ok, Joe’s an old coot who cops a feel when he can, and although it’s creepy, did anyone die because of this? The fact is that men have been doing this for ever, and it can be creepy if you want it to be, but he grazed her tit with his thumb. Sniffing and copping a feel from children is another thing entirely, something that Joe seems to love doing. That’s definitely wrong, but if you look at the new Gay flag, apparently that’s Kosher now as well.

In as much as people should be able to keep their hands to themselves, it’s the ridiculous cultural sexual taboos that are at fault in my opinion. As for the snowflake who needed a compensation payout for having his balls groped by a woman, it’s a bit tragic. Does he not know that there are millions of men out there who would love to have their balls groped by any woman, even if she is a Democrat? Now I know that there are probably people who have issues with being touched. Maybe they were molested in some way as a child, but unless you have a sign on you, nobody is going to know if you are triggered by someone putting an arm around your shoulder. Fucking with your head though, is far more insidious and often it’s someone who you trust and believe has your interests at heart. Best thing is keep your guard up I guess, and don’t take anyone or anything for granted, until it’s proven otherwise that they are on your side.

There’s always going to be a battle of the sexes. Nature designed it to be so. Feminism and Progressive ideas (communism) wants to put a spanner in the natural order of things. This is an ideology that hates nature, it’s a bona fide death cult, why wouldn’t it? The world is on fire and people are obsessing over this bullshit.

Over on the alt alt news web sites, they’re talking about the aliens again. A former CIA officer has been reported as saying, “There’s a whole other reality that surrounds us that we don’t don’t have the ability to see or interact with. They can control our environment and put thoughts in our heads.” Somebody commented, “Anything that comes out of “former CIA” is leaked intentionally to establish a narrative.”

“Me being forced to listen to another story about toxic masculinity”

I don’t know man. I do know that we’ve all been groped at one time or another. Years ago someone grabbed my ass wile I was walking down the the middle of a South West plane on my way to my seat once. I don’t know if it was a man or a woman. It was so shocking that it almost didn’t register at first. I was like, “Did that actually just happen?” In retrospect, someone thought I had such a nice ass that they felt the need to feel it. I wasn’t traumatized by it at all. There aren’t too many women who don’t want some kind of attention like that from someone who they feel is worthy of giving it to them. It’s all about whose hand and the circumstances though. Women know they can be quite depraved, but then again they need to know that’s why they can be so attractive to men.

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