A big week

it’s going to be. The media is foaming at the mouth at the prospect of a Trump perp walk and mug shot tomorrow. If it were me, I would stay in Florida and demand to know what the charges were, but this outrage of progressive stupidity is more of a gift to Trump than anything else. All it’s really done has strengthened the average person’s resolve to question the legitimacy of anything this regime does. Furthermore, it has established without a doubt that some people have no business even being in politics in the first place. Let’s take Nancy Pelosi, although I’d rather not. Pelosi apparently thinks that in this country the rules says that you “have a right to prove your innocence” in a court of law. The only problem with that is that the US Constitution says exactly the opposite. It’s is up to the court to prove you guilty. Now bear in mind, this is a person who was speaker of the house for two separate terms. She seems to be completely ignorant of one of the fundamental tenets of the Constitution she swore to uphold. You can’t make this stuff up. This though, is the same person who tore up Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech behind his back, in what was one of the more nasty and unpleasant public displays of immaturity and partisan divisiveness anyone has ever seen in US politics. I rest my case.

The “garbage” US version.

Elsewhere in the world, nothing much is going on. Mainly in England, it’s the ongoing ‘crisis of everything’. One week it’s the cost of energy, next week it’s the cost of food, but rest assured all the asylum seekers will be comfortably housed in disused military barracks in your quiet village as per usual. Don’t even think about complaining because the cost of something may well go up if you do. Over the pond, a woman has been arrested and faces a criminal trial for a facebook post which publicly insulted President Macron. She is alleged to have stood in front of some graffiti which said that Macron was garbage. Liberté, égalité, fraternité it does not appear to be. It’s the national motto of France and also the Republic of Haiti. It’s the only thing French Haiti managed to retain after years of French colonization. 1791 saw the start of a revolution where they started murdering every European that lived there. Today Haiti appears to be a dysfunctional hell hole. It’s good they finally got their independence.

What the fuck man. I’m still working on some new songs this week. Easter is coming up, which reminds me of something I’d rather forget. Unfortunately out of curiosity, and having nothing better to watch on TV, I started watching Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ” last night. To say that it a violent movie is an understatement, I think. I would have to say it’s one of the most unpleasant and violent films I have ever seen. Everyone who hasn’t been in some kind of non Christian cult knows what the story of Jesus is more or less, however Mel Gibson decided that it should be realistically brought to life on the big screen. This was a mistake, in my opinion. In the Bible it says that Jesus was flogged by the Romans just before His crucifixion (John 19:1; Mark 15:15; Matthew 27:26). However, contrary to popular belief, the Bible does not actually give the specific number of lashes Jesus received.

Acts like that are going to have consequences.

According to Jewish law, a person was to be whipped 39 times, and the Romans supposedly used a flagrum. A “sadistic torture tool made up of a short handle with bits of iron or bones attached to strips of leather. It was designed to maximize pain, ripping into flesh to expose arteries, veins, and at times organs.” The Bible doesn’t say how many times Jesus was whipped, but I think the movie is going for the official 39. You can tell because the floggers count them out in a bloody scene which goes on and on….and on. Ok, it may be a realistic recreation of what happened to Jesus, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s unwatchable violent “pornography”. The Passion of the Christ is essentially a very unpleasant, graphic two hour snuff movie, in my opinion. From the first ten minutes in , someone is beating the guy up. It’s awful. The flogging scene comes at about the 20 minute mark. After about the 20th blow I couldn’t stand any more, and turned it off. Who watches this stuff? I don’t think I need saving via reliving Jesus’ crucifixion in a Hollywood movie any time soon. It had a distinctly negative effect on me. Thanks Mel.

All that aside, we’re all waiting for Trump’s flogging and crucifixion in Manhattan tomorrow. Happy Monday.