A new week begins

The same old shit continues. “Police in Sydney have responded to an incident involving a group of masked men – dressed entirely in black – waving Australian flags. They were heading into the city where an Invasion Day rally was being held.” What’s wrong with this picture? Anti-white “Invasion Day” rallies are fine but waving Aussie flags while being dressed in black is not. “Large crowds also gathered in capital cities to protest what many Indigenous Australians and allies see as a dark and painful day.” Dark and Painful Day? They’re going to be really pissed off when they find the place is eventually overrun by South Asians, Indians, Africans and the Middle East, which seems to be happening.

Abolish Australia?..ok, at this point I’m fine with it, but not for the same reasons I dare say

OK, I’ve got an idea, why not have everyone that’s not “indigenous” leave the place, and take the civilization that they built with them? You can’t have it both ways. As for the “Neo Nazis” in black, we’re talking about 20 people here, dressed entirely in black with face masks on, on a hot January day, such a threat. (to themselves maybe?)

Honestly, they should just ignore them, but they won’t because if people start paying attention then the jig will be up. Apparently the anti-European mob want to change the date of Australia Day. “It’s become one of the nation’s most divisive days, and now it appears Australians are rapidly changing their minds over whether the 26th of January is the most appropriate date to celebrate our nation.” says the malevolent ABC. “For decades, January 26 has been observed as a day of mourning for Aboriginal and Torres Islander people. The date is the anniversary of the arrival of the First Fleet at Sydney Cove in 1788.” So….let all the Whites, Chinese, Indian and Middle Eastern people and anyone else not indigenous that I left out, leave and take all their stuff with them. Every body should be happy then right? Or is it just the descendants of the people that came from England? I’m confused. I’m no fan of the British but that’s what they did in the 1700’s. Should they have stayed home? Cultural appropriation works both ways too.

Genocidal racists in action.

You can’t have your fucking cake and eat it either. If you change the date, you’re effectively saying that the discovery of Australia was a bad thing. That’s how the world works sweetheart. Some people build cities, empires and explore new places, others are content to do nothing, and if it’s a civilized society then the weak are taken care of. It’s not as if the people who discovered Australia had it in their minds to genocide everyone that lived there. Maybe some of them did, I don’t know. Nobody is alive today who took part in any of this. You can’t fucking rewrite history. The ancestors of present day pure blood Aboriginals were possibly Dravidians who may have migrated across a land bridge that once existed between India and Australia, and when it disappeared they subsequently became trapped on an island continent for thousands of years. They came from somewhere, they didn’t just appear in Australia as if by magic.

I have absolutely no idea what that blue and green flag represents, but it seems like it’s permanent government policy at every event now.

Nobody is trying to wipe out Aboriginal culture any more. In fact every single government building, meeting, publication and institution right down the the lowliest city council goes out of it’s way to remind non indigenous people that they are occupying (for want of a better word) “stolen land”. You can’t even visit a government website without clicking through or seeing some kind boiler plate “We acknowledge and pay our respects to the (depending where you are)….. people. The traditional custodians .. Elders, knowledge holders and leaders – past, present and emerging.”  How this applies in cyberspace is a mystery. It also serves as constant humiliation ritual for anyone not in this privileged group who, unlike the rest of us, are now worshiped for simply having existed. In other words, the message is “you don’t really belong here” If you’re wondering why “the Voice” failed, that might give you a clue.

Should we all go back to the Stone Age to make it better? A lot of bad things have happened to a lot of people in the past. The UK driven Great Famine in Ireland, The Holodomor which was was another man-made famine in Soviet Ukraine from 1932 to 1933 that killed millions of Ukrainians. Look it up. It’s what communism can achieve if it sets it’s mind to it. That doesn’t include the Soviet famine that killed 5.7 to 8.7 million people who died of hunger under the reign of Joseph Stalin in the Soviet Union.  Bad shit happens all the time.

If they could afford T-shirts they would say Bolshevism is killing us.

I don’t hate anyone, and I won’t be shamed for something I’m not responsible for events that happened hundreds of years ago. Nobody should, but the brainwashing has been going on for decades. Both sides have been poisoned against one another by a third party. You need to figure who that third party is, only maybe then will there be peace. The majority of the “First Nations” people I see these days appear to have a fraction of Aboriginal blood in them. Many of them look completely white. Eventually with interbreeding everyone will be a First Nations person I guess, then there will be nobody to hate. There will be no more Stone Age people left either. I don’t know what’s going on there. I want no part of it actually. The government hates everyone equally, that seems obvious.

  Activists in their traditional garb.

The real problem, in my opinion is the invasion that is going on in real time today. When Australia’s population increases so rapidly that what was predicted to occur 17 years from now, has arrived early, you know there’s been a huge influx of people arriving from other countries. There’s nowhere for them to live. That’s an invasion, whether you like it or not. I know it’s un PC of me to mention such things, but it’s undeniable. The UN, globalists and their allies want the entire west turned into a stateless, underclass of big government dependent zombies. The World Health Organization demonstrated that this was going to be easy during the fake pandemic.

Every western nation was in lockstep with their directives. Why do you think they are now doubling down on their efforts to flood Europe, the Commonwealth and the United States with an endless supply of immigrants from impoverished third world countries? It’s a plan to dilute and eventually eliminate, national identities and cultural homogeneity in the entire western world.. No one is going to be spared. Boiler plate acknowledgments aren’t going to save you. The plan is to “build back better” into some kind of dystopian hell, in which you’ll own nothing and be happy. A planet which they rule over unelected. They don’t want any of us to get along. It always was, always will be..until people start to emerge out of their propaganda induced slumber and push back.