After all the bullshit

that happened yesterday, it’s a relief to get back to normal. I don’t really care about the fake news, because I know what they’re going to say, but I watch it because it’s fascinating to witness the deeper and deeper hole that they’re all digging themselves into. It’s truly going to be an epic moment when the light of reality finally breaks through into these subterranean dungeons of wilful ignorance and outright lies. It can’t happen soon enough. Maybe it will never happen, in which case the entire planet might no longer exist. That’s where these idiots are headed for anyway. Total extinction. If Trump lost the election fairly and squarely like they keep insisting, why bother with him at all? If Biden is legitimate, then surely in a democracy everyone should be on board with it? The fact that millions don’t seem to be going along with that must be completely puzzling and confusing for the people who are telling us otherwise.

Have 70 million people lost their minds? How do they rationalize these facts? It’s like the whole mainstream government/media eco system lives in a bubble. It’s bizarro world.

It’s Thursday, and the weather is fairly meh. Winter’s probably gone I would think. This weekend I’ll probably go up to the broken down shack up north and open it up. How many dead mice will there be? Probably a couple. As long as they aren’t in the roof, it will be fine. The place gets winterized for a few months every year when it gets too cold to be there. The joint isn’t equipped for winter living even though I installed a wood stove last year which made a huge difference to the part of the house which essentially had no heating. I did put in a heat pump earlier in the summer but I couldn’t get it working for some reason, and it certainly wouldn’t have made much difference in the depths of winter. Those things are useless in winter in places like Vermont, but hey, that’s what the moron green new deal people are telling everyone that they’ll be using from now on.

Don’t get me started. I’ll be going on a mini vacation soon, so I’ll probably stop posting shite for a few days, but I’ll post that information here just before it happens. It will be nice to see the ocean again after almost three years. Until then I have plenty to do around this place and the other place. At the other place, one of the water pipes will most probably have a leak or two. You’d think they were held together with chewing gum, they’re so fragile. A tiny bit of ice in them and they just come apart at the joins. There hasn’t been a year when I haven’t had to repair one or two of them. Maybe this year it will be different? This sounds to me like pedestrian stuff, so I’m going to stop talking about it now. Yesterday’s excoriation of the trans movement needs an update, or more specifically some kind of explanation of how this madness suddenly became mainstream. Fortunately this woman, Jennifer Bilek in this video explains it all clearly and concisely for us. I found it yesterday after I had written everything, but everyone should watch this and learn. It goes for about 40 minutes, but you can do something else while you listen, she’s just sitting there talking. I’m surprised it’s still on Youtube.

Other than that, I don’t have much to say. Tomorrow is Good Friday. Will it be good? I hope so.

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