outrage over some pointless garbage has subsided, things are a lot calmer now. To be honest they were calm before. Sometimes I just have manufacture outrage to find something interesting to talk about. The last thing I want to do is bore myself and everyone who might be reading this. There were no cancellations at the dentist, so I’ll just have to come back next month and start again. I did tell one of the assistants there about the weird injection stuff, and she said she would investigate. I wish it were not so, but things are decidedly out of whack now. Everything’s a lie as I’ve told you. Verify as much as you can before you believe anything. The whole graphene in the shots things might be bullshit too. It’s hard to find out anything when the internet is getting more and more regulated by search engines. If there’s stuff they don’t want you to see, you ain’t seeing it. There are a couple of videos of people in Spain using magnets to draw out the heavy metals from these vials, but I don’t speak Spanish, so I don’t know. The fact that there are there in the first place raises some questions.

In other news, both of my cars have active recalls. I guess I should be grateful I have one car, let alone two, but they’re not the latest models and I need two cars. The recalls mean though that I have to take them to the dealer and leave them there for repairs. One of the cars is 14 years old. Hardly worth the trouble, but if I don’t do it and something goes wrong, I’ll be wearing it. I’m hoping that the dealer can fix something else that needs attention while repairing the recall item. We’ll see how friendly they are. I’m happy to pay, but it has to be within reason. All this car stuff is very boring I know. I’d do it myself, but I probably couldn’t, don’t have the tools and don’t want to. So I wouldn’t do it myself. All I wanna do is play guitar and sing. Is it too much to ask?

The journal is meandering today. I’m trying to record some new songs, so I’m somewhat distracted. It’s time to release a new album. I think I’ll be able to post the radio show from last week finally. The host said I had released 27 albums, but I thought it was less than that. I guess I wasn’t counting everything. The weirdest thing was listening to a track from my first EP. I have no idea who is singing the crazy background vocals. I don’t even know why I did it TBH. It’s nutty. I didn’t really like listening to it. I sound like an annoying dork, but then I kind of knew that anyway. There’s nothing I can do it’s done now. You can make up your own mind.

You can check it out here

424 Horse power vs 1.

Yesterday I was looking for some jam to put on my toast, and I discovered that there wasn’t any. Well, there was plenty but it was all old and distributed among about five different containers in the fridge. I then got the brilliant idea to combine them all and boil them up and repackage them as one product. Now I have a mason jar and a half of mystery jam. There is an Amish product called Frog Jam, but it’s not made out of frogs. It’s the same principle of throwing whatever you have into the recipe though. I’ll have to think up a new name for mine. It’s pretty good, whatever it should be called. You see how exciting it is around here? It’s fucking cold today. Yesterday it was 70 something, now it’s 63. I just called the BMW dealership to find out if I could get something fixed while the recall is being done.

It seems dumb to pull everything apart and not repair something else at the same time. They want to charge me $210 just to find out that I have a small leak in my antifreeze coolant tank, which is what I already knew. Will that come out of the repair I wonder. I really like driving the car, but the service aspect sucks. I don’t think I’d buy another one. If I’ve got that much money I’ll buy a fucking Maserati. I like the trident on the grille. The lady I bought the BMW from asked me if I could drive her home after she had dropped the car off. When we got to her place she showed me the car she had bought to replace the one she sold. It was beautiful blue Maserati. That could be the way to go..