After yesterday’s

unpleasantness at Shit’s Club, it’s a pleasure to visit Aldi where you don’t have to pay extra to shop early. If you missed yesterday’s episode, too bad. Sam’s Club, aka Walmart is a place to be avoided, and that’s all you need to know. Now that it’s Friday Feb 10, I can focus on something else. I was watching a police car chase/stand off yesterday, when for second I saw a different view where the cops had surrounded the vehicle and looked like they were close to taking the guy into custody. He had spent a whole hour huffing from a can of Nitrous oxide and it was impressive how they were just standing around letting him enjoy his fun. I thought for moment that I had somehow witnessed a shift forward in time where they were finally moving in on him, when for a split second I saw them bunched around the vehicle with their shields up. What had happened was that prior to this, they had been doing that to throw tear gas into the truck that he was sitting in, and then backed away.

They had slipped into the live feed, a quick replay of that prior moment. It had no effect on the dude either. It had me fooled anyway. What was also interesting, and this seems to happen a lot, was that for this one huffer, who looked pretty harmless to be honest, there were about fifteen police cruisers lined up, in and around the location. Really? This is taxpayer money at work you see. When you need the police, they’re sometimes nowhere to be found, but in cases like this, there are an abundance of them. An oversupply if you will. It’s like a Blues Brothers movie.

No shortage of cops here.

But in California, New York and elsewhere we’re not allowed to have guns to defend ourselves. That’s for criminals only. It’s always amusing to me when I go to places like New Hampshire where open carrying of weapons is perfectly normal and ok. The Aussie police would blow a gasket if they could see it. They all get around like Nazi storm troopers, packing heat and defying anyone to as to much look at them the wrong way. Nobody in New Hampshire over the age of 18 is forced to wear a seat belt either. That would be another major triggering event. Live Free or Die motherfucker. That’s why NH is one of my favorite states. It’s being over run with Progressives, but then so is the entire North East unfortunately. LIbbies everywhere, like locusts are pozzing up perfectly livable states as they flee the ones they have ruined. I don’t know where there is left to go. Wyoming maybe? The weather sucks there. Too cold. The best climate is in California but that’s where the left wing locusts have wreaked the most havoc. I lived out west for five years and I couldn’t take it any more. Granted this was in San Francisco, ground zero for uncivilization in all it’s dystopian unglory. Yuck! The weather is spectacular however.

And so the weekend starts here. It’s probably too cold to do any outside stuff. Punxatawny Phil was correct in his assessment of six more weeks of winter. I don’t like the cold much, but then I don’t like humidity either. Sydney’s weather was horrific sometimes. You’d walk ten feet and feel like you’d just taken a shower, you were sweating so much. That’s what Terry Doolan’s (Slaughtermen guitarist) take on it was. It is an accurate description. Melbourne, on the other hand suffers from humidity too, and a horrible north wind that blows down from Gippsland and air fries everything and everyone in it’s path. It is much colder in the winter than Sydney is too. Plus, there’s the stupidity, ignorance and self loathing thinking that somehow Sydney is better with it’s beautiful harbor and beaches. It is better, but it still sucks. It’s politically somewhat like San Francisco but without the good climate. Everything’s expensive, and you cannot afford.

Sydney’s beach rock pools

476 kilometers north of Sydney – it’s a bit overcast today

Of the two places, I still prefer Sydney because of the beaches, and the weather’s better. I have no doubt there are other parts of the world that surpass both California and New South Wales in what they have to offer, but I don’t know where they are, and I probably don’t speak the language. Is home where the heart is? I don’t know that either. Where is the heart, is more the question. I sometimes think it’s quite elusive. That’s not a good way to start the weekend, so it’s probably a good thing to be a bit more upbeat. Sometimes it’s just fucking hard, if you know what I mean.

Some Friday reading. This is a very good article explaining how the left wing media uses technology to make their stupid guests sound smarter.

Happy Friday.