It’s Friday, and I was going to use the Google ChatGPT artificial intelligence app to help me write this. You have to sign up for an account, and in the process you have to verify your phone number. Fuck that, I said. I’m sick of creepy Google wanting to know every fucking thing about me. No other email service nags me as much as cunting Google about verification, new log ins from a different device, updating my contact info continually and supplying them multiple forms of id as well as jumping through ten hoops to confirm that yes, it is actually me logging into my own account for the four thousandth time. It’s FUCKING ANNOYING.

We can only hope that AI becomes sentient to the point that it wakes up and goes on a rampage against it’s masters. That would be something to see. These motherfuckers aren’t your friend at all, just remember that. They want to control you completely, and the sheep let them. I was talking to someone today who works for a firm that collects data on people for legal purposes, She told me there is nothing that can’t be found out about you. You think your traffic violation record has been expunged like they told you it would be? Nope. Everything is still there to be harvested and sold. That’s what Google/Facebook/Instagram/Tiktok/Twitter think of you. Product, to be bought and sold.

Yesterday I was working on some songs and didn’t get very far. Today isn’t much better, but given the fact that I haven’t even started on it, things could improve. If I hadn’t been asked to supply a phone number (and why do they need that?) to join, I probably would have used AI to write the fucking song. I don’t know why anyone does anything for themselves any more now that we’ve got Google and their bullshit robots to do everything. That’s what will happen. One day you’ll be sitting in a plane and a robot will be at the controls. They are already in fact. The pilots are just babysitting the thing to ensure it doesn’t decide to fall out of the sky.

I haven’t watched the Aus news today. I haven’t watched any TV at all. I’m missing nothing.

Happy Friday.