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Australia’s Prime Minister, has just issued a statement. “Any boss who doesn’t let their employees stay home today, get drunk and cry into their breakfast cereal is a bum.”

Albo. Ya gotta have a beer mate, have two in fact.

No, he didn’t say that, but maybe he should have. It’s a tragic day Down Under because the plucky women’s soccer team, the Matildas were knocked out by England 3-1 last night in a World Cup Semi Final. Coverage of this spectacle in the last two weeks had gone on for days, but now it’s long faces and sad dispositions everywhere in the media. Albo has hastily thrown together a meeting of all the state premiers to focus on the housing crisis. It has suddenly dawned on these midwits that if you import hundreds of thousands of migrants into the country, and there isn’t enough housing for the people who already live there, you might have a problem. “We need more skilled migrants”, I heard recently. What jobs are they going to do, you might ask? “Jobs in the restaurant, service and tourist industry”, was the answer. That’s their idea of skilled migrants? I’m not kidding. Since Aussies don’t want to do these highly skilled jobs, the place has to be flooded with the “skilled” people from impoverished third world countries who do.

Sweden has been importing “skilled?” migrants from Somalia for a while too. 90% of them are on welfare. They’re skilled at milking the system. I’ll just leave that there. Today there was an update on the great new renewable Hydrogen fuel plant in Tasmania. After a great fanfare and much excitement, it has been discovered that there’s not enough electricity available to make it work. Oh no! Better fire up those filthy coal plants again. I’m talking about these things this morning because while it’s just another installment in clown world, these stories made me lol quite a bit, and I thought I would share them with what’s left of the sane regular world.

Tassie Greens. Aww, look at that cute soy boy in the middle. Where do I not get a T Shirt like this?

Still in Tasmania, we discovered that there is a terrific new invention to deal with “green waste”. Honestly this is so funny, it could be a comedy skit, but it’s real. These geniuses have decided that if you burn all this green waste, you can spread the ash on the garden and it will help the plants grow! My God, why didn’t I think of that? We’ve been told for ever that backyard burning is bad for the environment and the climate change, but now it’s all good. I can’t keep up. Maybe they might even stop using Brawndo to water the plants as well. Imagine what would happen.

oooooooh! the Matildas lost! This is an actual ABC reporter. His name is Monty

Yes, it has been a tragicomedy this morning down there. On the a big red “Breaking News” crawl at the bottom of the screen, they kept telling us the “Donald Trump tries to rally support over the Georgia indictments”. Someone should really tell these absolute vacuum-for-brains drongos that Donald Trump is far and away the most popular politician in the entire country. This isn’t conjecture, this is a fact. Anyone watching this dishonest crawl would think he’s desperately losing public favor. He doesn’t need to “try” to rally support. The majority of the America people are with Trump. The reason why he has been indicted, (what is it, four times now?) is because of this very fact. THEY ARE TRYING TO KNOCK HIM OUT OF THE RACE. The media live in an alternate universe. It’s a closed-off fortress of denial. The cognitive dissonance must be off the charts. Fuck these people.

I should remaster the video for this. It’s quite good imo

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