Aren’t you great

I was driving up to the Great White North today. I saw on the weather forecast that it was going to go below freezing for several days, and the last time I was there I had neglected to turn the water off and drain the system. When it gets below freezing anywhere in the North East, the pipes will start to explode. Last year (or the year before?) it was a colossal pain in the ass because the water pump froze and busted. I think it cost $400, that’s not taking into account that the correct part took 2 months to arrive. I am loathe to repeat that ever again, so that’s why I tore off up the throughway at breakneck speed. I was almost there when I encountered one of those sleepy local road works traffic stops. The traffic wasn’t stopped thankfully, and we had the hardest workers on the crew manning the go slow signs. I must have been speeding off my face because Mr Road work sign man made a point of ‘pointing’ to the ‘slow’ word on the sign as I careered past. I would have liked to have gotten out and rolled my eyes in his face. “Aren’t you great, you officious cunt”, I thought. For the record I wasn’t even mildly speeding. Like a modern day Blues Brother I drive a repurposed cop car, so maybe that’s what triggered him. Fucked if I know. Fuck him, who does he think he is, Hitler?

It brought to mind all the assholery that was associated with the fake pandemic of the last two (and now three) years where the same kind of assholes were telling people how to live their lives, while simultaneously trying to destroy them. The worst place in the world of course, was the place I grew up in. Melbourne, Australia. Someone put together a montage on Twitter the other day, of the egregious police behavior during that time. You’d think you were in a third world country looking at it. People were brutalized, roughed up and chased down in the street by the police for having the audacity to protest about vaccine mandates, and utterly pointless lock down and masking rules. People were locked in their houses for weeks on end, only allowed to leave for an hour for exercise or shopping. It was an horrific abuse of people’s freedom and civil rights, and I’ll never forget what Dan Andrews did as premier. This asshole should be in prison in my opinion for civil rights abuse.

The insanity is that this completely criminally stupid, worthless idiot was re-elected last month, by the very people he terrorized. Now, you might begin to see why I don’t live there any more. As always. Fuck these people, and a good day to you.