As if you needed

to be told, sometimes the media talks out of both sides of it’s mouth. This morning was a classic example on Australia’s ABC News. The first was a story about “Extinction Rebellion” and their protest against “Climate Change” in Adelaide yesterday. A bunch of boomers, cat ladies and assorted deranged and on the spectrum fools were protesting in the CBD. In a total act of righteous indignation they sprayed paint on the Santos building for some reason. Santos is an energy company that extracts natural gas from the ground. As we all know, natural gas is supposedly a fossil fuel, (it isn’t) and therefore bad, so of course Santos needs paint thrown all over it. They would probably rather throw paint over the executives, investors and shareholders I would imagine, but since Santos is an energy provider, why not just throw paint over everybody that has a supply of natural gas pumped into their home? You don’t deserve cheap energy if it’s literally killing the planet after all. Grandma or your baby can freeze to death for all we care. Get some solar panels from China you cunt.

This is not a cult….it’s just not, ok?

Extinction Rebellion, I am quite sure, all use renewables to heat and cool their homes, fuel their vehicles and no doubt insist on walking and riding bicycles everywhere when they can. These are the same people who cause massive traffic problems and deface works of art to name a couple. According to “the environmental movement – also referred to as ‘XR’ – originated in the UK in 2018, founded by members of a campaign group called Rising Up! to force government action on the climate crisis. Over six weeks starting in October 2018, more than 6000 “rebels” converged on London in a number of major protests, sparking the movement’s official launch. Extinction Rebellion says life on earth is “in crisis and facing a mass extinction”, using an hourglass inside a circle as its logo to represent “time running out”.”

What’s the carbon output here? Is this a renewable fire?

In other words, they are a borderline domestic terrorist group at this point. After yesterday’s Adelaide debacle, the South Australian government is attempting to rush through legislation to fine and imprison these people for their malarkey. If anyone thinks that these new laws will be confined to prosecuting “Extinction Rebellers’ I’ve got a bridge to sell ya. So not only are they a pestilence upon society, they are facilitating reasons for the Governcunt to be even more focused on any kind of dissent, and have the tools to deal with it. Want to protest another vaccine mandate? It’s prison for you. Thanks you utterly useless, pointless wastes of oxygen.

Picasso would approve of people gluing themselves to his paintings no doubt.

The other part of this story is that on the heels of reporting this idiocy, the next “News” item was a report from the United Nations that “in the next three years we may see the hottest year ever on record”, complete with a scary picture of a red, boiling planet as a back drop. How is this not the most irresponsible reporting imaginable? On the hand they are saying that we need to start lighting fires because of whatever made up reason, and then complaining that there’s a lot of arson about. There’s a lot of arsin’ about alright. It’s so retarded it’s unreal. My prediction is that Extinction Rebellion will go extinct before the planet does, nature will make sure of it. The ABC should follow them.

This never gets old.