Barry Humphries

aka Dame Edna Everage, Sir Les Patterson and others, passed away on Saturday. It’s Monday morning.. Barry was a satirist and comedian, born in Melbourne, who fled the cultural desert that was Camberwell in the 1959 to establish a career in London. Everyone should know who he was and what he did, so I don’t need to repeat any of it here. The Melbourne International Comedy Festival had even named an award in his honor, it was called the “Barry Award”. Following comments made by Humphries abut transgenders, including statements that gender affirmation surgery was “self-mutilation” and being transgender was “a fashion”, they cancelled him. In Melbourne this is how they treat the person who was instrumental in setting up the festival in the first place. They’re now trying to walk it back by saying, “We’ve never cancelled Barry Humphries,” festival director Susan Provan told ABC Radio Melbourne. “There seems to be some misconceptions going on around there. “We changed the name of an award, which was the right decision to make when we did that.” Apparently, they’ve also changed the meaning of the words ‘honesty’ and ‘truth’ as well.

Bazza – nice desert boots

A bunch of more mentally ill, malevolent psychopaths you’d be hard pressed to find but that’s par for the course now. You simply can’t criticize anyone who thinks it’s a fine idea to cut their genitals off, and groom innocent children to do the same. We live in a world where a minority of completely certifiable people get to dictate the mainstream media narrative. Venerated comedians and cultural icons get cancelled so as not offend people who should be in a mental home. On the ABC breakfast show yesterday, one of the wretchedly and terminally ignorant useful idiots who populate that festering space, was talking to the former head of the BBC, Sir Lew Grade. Lew is an old guy, and a respected broadcast industry elder, who has obviously known Barry for many years. He spoke affectionately of him, and told us that Barry was a genuinely nice man who, in private life was reserved and almost humble.

Lew said that if you didn’t know who he was, you’d think Barry was a brilliant academician. It was a pleasant and happy reminiscence which was brutally terminated by the brain dead host bringing up Barry’s ‘transgressions’ pertaining to his comments about so-called “transgender people.” Given that the conversation was about a recently deceased and well loved friend of this man, it was an appalling lack of judgement and monstrously disrespectful, but that’s the ABC. A walking zombie shit show populated by cheerfully psychotic well poisoners of society.

ABC Breakfast – cheerfully psychotic

It seems at the ABC the whole universe revolves around dysfunctional people now. If it’s not transgenders, it’s men, women and children with all manner of psychiatric or physical or even cultural ailments. How long before healthy, normal, well adjusted people are labeled “Ableists” by default?

It’s a world wide trend. This is from a website calling itself, “Ableism is centered around the notion that disabled people are imperfect and need fixing. It can show up in ways ranging from personal to institutional. It also includes the many ways in which disabled people are considered “less than” non-disabled people.”

Notice how normality here is described as being “non-disabled”. This is a common tactic of the progressive narrative. You are literally unpersonning someone with the prefix ‘non’. Aboriginal activists have been using this for years to describe everyone other than them as non-Aboriginal people. What you’re really trying to say in an underhanded way is that they don’t matter, that they’re non people. The same language perverting tactics are employed in other areas such as labeling people as ‘phobic’ ie, hompohobic, islamophobic, and of course, ‘transphobic’ to direct the narrative in a positive light. It’s you that are mentally unstable here, that’s the message. You’re now directed into the disabled column, so take your meds and shut up.

Another one is ‘inequality’. “Gender Inequality” is a big one, and my favorite, “Marriage Inequality”. Like marriage between a man and woman is by default, wildly out of balance with what should be regarded by everyone as normal. It can’t be out of whack with nature, surely? Nevertheless the creeping ‘disablism’ that we are seeing more often, has been steadily increasing to the point now where you cannot question things like ‘transgenderism’. Mental illness is now lauded as a thing to aspire to. In other words, if you’re not insane now, you’re not right in the head. The irony.

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