I’m bored with what I was doing. Faffing about with my music computer, and I discovered after about 10 hours of trial and error (mostly error) that I had plugged in one of the devices incorrectly. I say ‘incorrectly’ because what would have seemed like the ‘correct’ way was totally wrong in a way you can’t possibly imagine. I’m determined not to talk about politics tonight. I’m writing this yesterday, so anything could spew forth. I have the internet, so I could distract myself with something, but I don’t want to look at porn for example. I know that I post pictures of naked chicks on the weekends here, but I really don’t like pornography at all. The naked pics aren’t there for that reason. I think the human female body is beautiful to look at, regardless of anything else. A lot of those vintage pictures display a natural looking figure, far better than the artificial looking people you see today. Oh sure, I’ve watched porno in the past but it but it doesn’t hold any appeal any more. I can’t see the point of watching other people have sex, if you know what I mean.

I can’t think of what I’m interested in right now. I’d like to be somewhere where it wasn’t 33 deg f outside. That would be a good start. I like to be outside a lot the time. Not at night so much, but I don’t like being stuck indoors for months at a time, which is what you get here. I was used to living in a place with very mild winters for most of my life, and it’s hard to get used to the snow and the ice. I feel like I’m at an endless ski resort and can’t leave. I like being indoors at night, that’s fine. But in the day, it’s a different matter. I did go out this morning to gas up the car, and saw a dude wearing shorts and sleeveless t-shirt. Suits him.

The internet is boring too. You find yourself looking at the same handful of websites all the time, although there is more information out there that would keep you busy discovering. For an eternity probably. It’s a well-worn path we tread on our internet walks. The big danger is Youtube because you can get trapped in a vortex ….Ah, I got distracted. It’s Tuesday Jan 10 now. It’s 45 degrees outside. That’s warm for this time of the year…don’t say it! I’m still trying to fix this fucking computer. None of it makes sense. The worst thing is every time I want to unplug something I have to crawl behind the desk with a fucking flashlight, so I can see what I’m doing. After the 20th time, it gets old.

Maybe I will go and watch some porn. I’m sure there’s plenty to be had with a simple search, no censorship there. They most definitely want you to have access to it. Even an image search can be risky. Just for fun I googled “glory hole” and I got “glory hole locations near me”. Thanks Gulag. They really go the extra mile for you. Will Zuckerberg’s Metaverse have glory holes? Probably. Think about that. The whole stupid thing sounds like a goddamned gay cocksucking glory hole if you ask me. There are plenty of them near me, more than I will ever need, not that I needed even one. Not going to watch porn. It’s monumentally boring….But I’ll tell you, the world is fucked. (literally on demand)