bring out your dead

Astonishingly yesterday evening, there was a headline at the top of the Citizen Free Press website that read ‘Awesome Moment From The Australian Senate’. Clicking on that link brought you to a speech by Queensland LNP Senator Gerard Rennick in the Australian Senate. In the speech in a sparsely populated chamber, the senator delivered one of the most cogent, intelligent and common sense arguments against the entire ‘covid’ plandemic. It was a blistering assault on the current state of denial, stupidity, obstinance and criminal complicity that has been a hallmark of government officials and politicians around the world.

Here we saw, for once, a man who got up and told the truth about everything. How none of these politicians read the literature about the vaccines, believing what people like Dr Fauci told everyone. That they were safe and effective. Not reading the results of the trials which clearly showed that were the opposite of what people like Fauci claimed. Senator Rennick explained carefully and clearly in clinical detail why this was so. The opposition yawned, and complained with a pointless and insulting Point of Order. They laughed at him, and in doing so at the thousands who have already been killed and injured via the draconian policies that were inflicted upon everyone in the name of ‘science’. It was a “Jesus Drives the Merchants Out of the Temple” moment. It was a giant breath of fresh air. It was almost unbelievable, but there it was.

It will be interesting to see what comes of it, but given that Australian politics is almost irreparably infested with brainless fools, it’s going to be a huge task to turn that ship around.

I wish him all the best I hope that he succeeds.

This morning I watched the tea lady talk to the guy I was talking about yesterday, the South Australian premier. Again he was quizzed on the nuclear issue. Again he said nuclear was great but they wouldn’t be using it, despite the fact that they are building nuclear subs in SA. “It’s way too expensive” he said. What’s the solution then? Why of course it’s the magic renewables. Renewables, are like “Not Sure” from the movie Idiocracy, they’re going fix everything.

Go to the link above and check out Senator Rennick’s speech. It’s on Rumble, a Youtube alternative. There are a lot of interesting things happening at the moment, least of all are Kayne West’s public pronouncements about a certain group of people. I don’t really want to go into it, suffice to say that it’s fascinating to watch. Twitter boss, Elon Musk has been particularly peeved over this, after West tweeted a picture of Elon being hosed down by the current US Ambassador to Japan, Rham Emanuel, who helped him with the Twitter deal. Recently Musk had been given an award by the Raelian movement, a UFO cult-like organization, who believe humans are descended from Aliens. For his contribution to free speech he was named an Honorary Guide for Humanity. West had posted an image of their logo which is a Swastika inside a Star of David. That was the final straw for Musk apparently.

Such interesting times we live in.