Charla loca,

That’s what you get on the BBC. This morning March 7, I was watching their ‘breakfast show’. As I’ve said before, I don’t watch US TV because of the insufferable commercials which appear to have been made in places where the amount of white people is next to zero. I simply can’t relate. On occasion I watch Indian TV. Funnily enough, it’s 100% Indians in all the commercials. It’s as if India is a completely homogeneous country. It’s weird. So for about 20 minutes in the morning I usually turn to the ABC down under or the BBC in the UK. Both these purveyors of fake news deal in what I call, the crazy talk, but the BBC excels at it at the moment. This morning it was two stories that hit peak clown world. The first was about the amount of ‘asylum seekers’ arriving in small boats across the English Channel and how to stop them. I think they said 45, 000 had arrived in the last month.

The show’s backdrop is the thoroughly mundane looking Salford Quays.

These aren’t asylum seekers, this is an invasion. By any standards the UK is being overrun with people who don’t belong there, but somehow the politicians aren’t seeing it. The same thing is happening in the US. The country is being invaded on a wholesale scale, and yet nobody can do anything about it. One of the UK politicians, a woman who looked Indian, said that the government was stretching the boundaries of international law. Just who elected these international judges and juries, and why should anyone listen to them, especially when they don’t seem to care about the rights of people to live in their native countries without being constantly invaded by so-called asylum seekers?

England is fucked. The Prime Minister is of Indian descent and he’s now telling these poor immigrants that they can’t come in? The irony. Some of them are probably white people, who knows? In case you’re wondering, I didn’t start the race wars by the way. This racial friction began when Barry Obama took it upon himself to stage an anti white jihad for the eight miserable years he was in office. It’s only gotten worse. When statues of decent people are being pulled down, and statues of criminals are being put up, you know that something is seriously wrong with society. Who did this? That’s the question, and who is continuing to do it? It seems to be a world wide pattern. We need answers, and if it keeps going in this direction, there’s only one outcome, and it’s not a good one. The other part of this morning’s crazy talk was, of course, the climate change. Some unscientific nerds are busy making charts of all the rivers in England in order to keep tabs on where the next lot of flooding is going to occur….. due to climate change, which doesn’t exist.

That’s when I switch off. Millions of pounds of technology and equipment, and the stuff that ends up spewing forth is delusional insanity. It’s a colossal waste of taxpayer money. I hate talking about this, but that’s what I see every morning. Crazy talk. The asylum seekers are certainly going to arrive in an asylum, but it’s a lunatic asylum. I hope they realize that. This morning Jesus came by. The Fortress, being the aging edifice that it is, needs constant maintenance. It’s a three story house, and there are things that I’m not prepared to climb a ladder to fix. I saw some guys working on an old house down the road, and I figured they might be able to do the work. They were high up on ladders, so that was a good sign. Jesus brought his assistant, Evan. I think that was his name. They seemed like nice people. We’ll see how much it’s going to cost though.

Jesus – good at fixing things

That’s all. I should stop watching the TV in the morning, but it’s entertaining up to the point when the charla loca starts. When they cross to the local news there is a break from it for a while. Because they can’t show any specific local news on the internet stream, you get a static message conveying that, and the sound of the ocean. If you close your eyes, you can imagine you’re at the beach.

Fresh from the Fortress – I Lost My Song