Elon Musk’s

“Master Plan” is a joke. This morning March 2, I had to take my other (fossil fuel powered) car up to the Ford place to get a new catalytic converter installed. These are the things that supposedly cut down fuel emissions. We never needed them before, but since there are so many cars on the road, we need them now apparently. You probably don’t need one on an electric shit wagon I would say. Whatever. On the way back I started listening to NPR on the radio. They were rhapsodizing about Musk’s recent address at an Investor Day Event in Austin, Texas.

Amber puts her mark on our boy.

“Elon’s all about tackling climate change” they said. “He clearly wants to save the planet…blah blah, blah..” First of all, this was an “Investor Day Event”. Musk sells battery powered cars, and he needs ten trillion (that’s trillion with a ‘T’) dollars in investments to keep this scheme going. Of course he’s going to say it’s to save the planet. Actually, it’s more about saving his business model which is to sell wind-up battery powered shit boxes to gullible Progressives who believe in something that doesn’t exist, man made climate change. It’s funny how all these Liberals fall at the feet of someone who is the richest man in the world. They must have forgiven him for freeing up Twitter. He’s addressing the most challenging problem in the history of humankind after all. In the wake of these announcements Tesla shares were down 5%, so maybe investors are that convinced yet.

The plan, as far as I could understand, (Elon just introduced it, and some other clown filled in the details) is more battery power. We need more batteries to store all this energy that is going to generated by the usual poor and inefficient ideas of wind and solar. That these idiots keep insisting that we have to wean ourselves off “fossil fuels”, lets you know that it’s all based on a falsehood. Oil, coal and gas are not made out of fossils. They are abiotic. “Fossil fuels ” was a term invented in the late 1800’s by the oil industry to put a price on something that is almost as plentiful as water. If you say it comes from fossils, it means it’s finite, therefore you can charge more money for it. If Musk doesn’t know this already then he’s dumber than dog shit. If he does know it, than he knows that it’s a convenient vehicle to sell…uh, vehicles to idiots who believe in this rubbish.

Elon’s no dummy. He’s the richest man in the world, after all. If you’re going to build an empire based on something that fools think is real, he’s done a spectacular job of pulling it off. Those of us who base our interaction with the world and society at large, using logic, reason and common sense, all of which are absent in the progressive mind, know that it’s partly based on a reasonable idea (realistic environment stewardship) and partly a gigantic confidence trick. (fear and panic that the planet is dying) Fear gets them every time though. It trounces everything else. Look at the fake pandemic.

Painting by Oliver David

At the end of this, we have to remember where this talk was taking place. An “Investor Event”. (I’m gonna need ten trillion dollars of your money to pull this saving the planet thing off) in Austin, the Progressive capital of Texas. The only thing missing from this Lib-fest was Willie Nelson, but then he uses “bio diesel” and I’m not sure how that fits in with the wind-up electric cars.

Here is a c/p from a website called “The Verge” which gives a summary of what was said.

“Master Plan 3 includes adding renewable power to the existing grid, producing more electric vehicles, installing heat pumps, (which struggle miserably in a Vermont winter, trust me) in homes and buildings, using high-temperature heat delivery and hydrogen for industrial applications, and building sustainably fueled planes and boats. Musk’s plan is to create “a sustainable energy civilization.”

Tesla projects it will take $10 trillion in investments to bring about this sustainable future powered by renewable energy. Musk said it’s “not a big number relative to the global economy.” No, not a big number at all. Who’s in?

If it were at all possible, (but obviously isn’t) many Libs would be fully erect upon hearing that.