Escape from LA

New state-to-state migration data show that for several years, thousands more high-earning, well-educated workers have left California than have moved in. No surprise to me. When I lived in San Francisco over ten years ago it was turning into a shit hole. Gavin Newsom was the mayor and now he’s the governor of California. By all the standards that Dems apply to the opposition he’s not fit for public office, but then who is? In Colorado, a bunch of nincompoop judges have decided that Donald Trump should not be on the GOP primary ballot. We’re not even talking about the actual election ballot here, this is the GOP primary, and all because of a frivolous lawsuit filed by some Rino republicans. The idiot lawyer of theirs was on TV this morning talking about the rule of law for fuck’s sake. Does that include a stolen election? You can’t make this shit up. Clown world intensifies daily.

We built this city on fentanyl.

I can’t stand it. Morning Joe was frothing at the mouth this morning because Trump said something that was something similar to what Hitler had said. Therefore Trump is Hitler. Expect to see more of this in the coming months. It’s almost as if they are trying to reincarnate Hitler now. This can only be good news for the people who want Hitler back. The establishment may well be the wind of change that transforms Trump, who just wanted to make America great, into Trumpler, who wants to start a fourth Reich. Unintended consequences etc.. think about that. Stranger things have happened.

I kid you fucking not. This is the new premier of Queensland on the left with his deputy on the right.

Down in Australia in Queensland they have just elected a new premier. The previous baby killer abdicated her position abruptly last week and so now there is a new person. This guy looks like the village idiot in my opinion, but then the idiot preceding him didn’t look that much better. I saved the picture above when it was first published, but now every online version has been cropped below the waist. I wonder why?

It seems you can watch ABC News downunder live on your desktop now and probably your phone.You don’t need a VPN It’s fascinating, and there are no commercials. Check it out.

The Laurel and Hardy of the ABC. That’s another fine mess you’ve gotten me out of.

I don’t wanna talk about any of this any more. I’ve said too much already. Fortunately this is a private website and these are my opinions only. I’m not stupid enough to post this on social media. It’s anti social media anyway. Everybody knows it. The sad news today is that the ABC has axed popular panel discussion show The Drum, after almost 15 years in production. ABC News director Justin Stevens said, “The Drum began in 2010 and it went on to be groundbreaking in championing diversity on air, leading the way in finding new voices and inspiring other ABC teams to follow suit”. Oh no! Where can I go to get a laugh now? It was one of the stupidest and because of that, funniest shows they had. Fuck you ABC! Hopefully it has been replaced with something equally offensive, exclusionary, woke and moronic.