Everyone needs a good laugh.

The “Goddess Festival”, an event which  was promoted a “place for women and gender diverse people to come together in a safe environment to celebrate, grow, and create a community”, has been accused of ripping off performers, workers and attendees.  I wouldn’t know or care about this, but I just saw it on the news. These “Gathering of the Goddesses” events took place in Tasmania and Victoria in March of this year. Tickets to the three-day festivuses started at AU$300. There were also “glamping”* packages for five, reportedly costing around AU$2,500. Someone went to the Victorian event, but left after an hour because they said it was “utter chaos”.

Most of the information about this shit show is from the ABC website, and I’m quoting most of it here. The official TGOTG website has been removed, as has everything else relating to it. The news story that I saw this morning had an interview with an organizer, an overweight person with purple hair and more nose piercings than anyone would have thought possible. It has to be a Guinness world record. “It” didn’t offer anything much in the way of an excuse. I say “it” because I’m not really sure what the pronouns should be. I’m pretty sure it was a woman, but if there is any doubt I will always use “it”, to avoid confusion.

Inclusive, diverse and it looks like the morning after at Jonestown

A nice looking woman in a charming rural setting was asked about her experience at the festival. There was a ladies pushbike in the background. She said that she thought that she was going to be attending a “beautiful event that would be diverse and inclusive”, but that” “it was nothing like that at all”. I can’t remember what she said about why it wasn’t the things that she thought it would be, my brain shut down after the “diverse and inclusive” remark. There were a couple of women musicians who had been stiffed (if you’ll excuse the term) at the event. There were probably more, but the two that spoke on camera weren’t too happy about it. One of them said “It was the most disrespectful treatment I have ever received from a festival.” “I am sad and frustrated a festival pitched as being in support of women has caused so much anguish to so many presenters and participants. That it used the name of The Goddess makes it even worse”.

One of the performers, HK Vermeulen. Happy until the check bounces.

From a man’s perspective when things like this happen, it’s good to know that as a male, you have been excluded from all of this “inclusion”. It’s a boost for the wallet for a start. The whole asinine comedy show is a text book example of “Get Woke – Go Broke”. It’s hard not to find the humor in all of this. I have zero sympathy for anyone involved. You wanted a fucking inclusive event that empowered women and gender diverse people, and you got screwed by incompetent boobs who couldn’t run a chook raffle. You were happy to profit from this divisive cultural Marxist expedition. In the words of the Joker from the movie of the same name. “You got what you fucking deserved”.

I have c/p this last part directly from the ABC story. “Festival musician and student Ruby Austin-Lund said she was owed money but could not afford legal action. She said she felt “disgusted” by the situation.

“It was advertised as a festival that celebrated and supported and empowered women and people who aren’t men, and Indigenous women,” Ms Austin-Lund said. 

“people who aren’t men”. Lol! LMAO even.

* https://glampinghub.ecom/what-is-glamping/

Glamping seems to be more eco friendly bullshit where you pay a fortune to sleep in a tent instead of a nice hotel room.