Everything’s a lie.

Unless you believe what the world has been telling you for ever that is. Then everything is totally believable. The education system teaches lies. Not half truths or misinformation. Actual lies. Some of these lies you can’t talk about. There is legislation in some places to prevent you talking about them. That’s as far as I’m going to go with that. The world is a dangerous place for the truth. I wrote a song about it. I shot a video last week in Alabama for it. It will be on Youtube tomorrow. The video has kind of thrown together feel. I didn’t have a lot of time, and I couldn’t remember some of the words, but it’s ok I guess. Nobody cares. It’s probably futile, but fuck it. It’s gone back to winter this week. The heaters came on this morning. It’s normal for this time of the year. It’s the in-between season after all.

Yesterday I said I might talk about Nick Cave and his interview during ‘Holy Week’. I looked at it again, and it still sounds like somebody who doesn’t really want to say anything controversial while trying to sound controversial. I don’t have a personal vendetta against Cave, I think he’s a close approximation of what someone once called him, A blue dyed haired gothic buffoon”. I don’t get any of it. I imagine he’s just as mystified at his popularity as I am. Stephen Cummings isn’t a fan, I know that. Years ago he likened Cave to the movie character Chauncey Gardner, a simple minded fellow who, at the end of the movie is being considered as the next presidential nominee. That’s proven to be quite an accurate assessment so far. Though I can’t see Nick becoming president of anything anytime, he certainly seems to be the heir successor to someone like Leonard Cohen. While Paul Kelly is the new Henry Lawson, Jimmy Barnes is the new Tony Bennett, Kylie Minogue is the new Edith Piaf, where does that leave Stephen? I think he’s going to do very well actually, and I wish him so.

Anyhoo, this is all bullshit and nonsense. There were a couple of things from the Freddy Sayers/Nick Cave interview which were plainly ridiculous. Nick Cave : “Well, I’m certainly skeptical of my beliefs — put it that way. I like going to church because church seems to be an ordered place that allows me not to believe, as much as it allows me to believe. I have both of these things going on inside me.”

This is such a fawning interview that it’s difficult to take seriously. I don’t know if the interviewer even listened to what Cave was saying half the time. After Nick told him that he went to church to “believe it or not”, he comes out with..Question 10: “Back to theology, sorry. It is Holy Week. I think we can all understand your profound religious faith.”

A typical Warracknabeal lout.

What the fuck is profound about going to church and not knowing if you believe it or not? The whole thing at times reads like a couple of mid wits trying to reinvent Hegelian philosophy. I don’t get it at all, but then nobody’s asking me about religion. They can always look at old Slaughtermen videos and decide what my approach to it is. For the record, I think humans have so little understanding of the Universe, or the frequency band that we currently exist in, that’s it’s folly not to believe in something. We’ll just have to wait and see what’s beyond this sometimes quite degrading, existence. Larry Page has said he wants to create a “digital god” using artificial intelligence. I have no doubt that these monkeys think that they can and will, achieve this. But here is yet another mid wit in my opinion, attempting to be god. Does anyone think Larry Page isn’t going to try and attain godlike status with this foolishness? Google started out as a company whose stated goal was to ‘Do No Evil’. Evil is entirely what they are engaged in now.

I have to agree with Tommy here..Sometimes being angry is all you can do without asking to be extinguished

If you don’t believe in anything good in this world, you’d certainly have to acknowledge that some of the things people do in this realm threaten your very existence. Do you allow it to continue, and what if anything, can you do about it? That’s the question.