It’s Monday, January 9, and we’ve had a Congress speaker vote calamity, an insurrection in Brazil, reporters and sportspeople passing out live on camera with heart attacks and god-knows-what, all over the place, and we’re less than two weeks into 2023. Yep, Clown World is accelerating alright. We live in a horror movie, but that’s ok. Enjoy the comedic parts like the ones you see on the BBC and ABC Australia where they trot out the talking heads to tell us that anything our lying eyes and lying comprehension and common sense of what’s actually going on, is ‘misinformation’. We’re fully in the lane of Gaslighting Central now. We’re on a one-way track to 1984 style Orwellian government media complex oversight and control of what we’re actually thinking. That’s right Big Brother, elections are always fair, nothing is rigged, Climate Change is real and all the history found on Wikipedia is the truth. To suggest anything else is sedition and wrongthink. You are a bad person.

Most people don’t care. I get it. I was just reading that in Ireland the ‘Integration’ Minister has said that the asylum system will have to be expanded to include a new category for people fleeing the effects of climate change. Who are those people? I wondered. It looks like some of them might be Fijians, because it appears that the seas are rising around those islands. I didn’t believe it, so I looked it up. At the top of the search results was an article from the BBC.

“The seas are rising”, was what it said. Pardon me if I ask a few questions here. If the seas are rising and climate change is global, why aren’t the seas rising everywhere? It doesn’t make sense, but like all religions, faith is the key. You must believe. The next item on the search list was an article from the United Nations Climate Change website. Given that the United Nations in cahoots with people like Al Gore constructed this entire criminal fantasy, this isn’t surprising. There are pages and pages of this horse shit. It just goes on and on. There isn’t a differing point of view, which in a world where ideas, especially ones to do with science, are always challenged, is somewhat disturbing. In short, the Internet is pozzed* now. What I mean is the entire ecosystem of the mainstream internet has been wiped clean of any points of view which don’t follow the Progressive narrative.

There probably isn’t a search engine you can trust anymore to give you anything other than communist propaganda, because that’s really what Progressivism is, re-badged Communism.

As an ideology it has been a consistent failure since it was invented. It will fail again, but we’re going to have to live in the horror movie that it is for a while longer. Enjoy the gas lighting experience while you can.

*Description for a group/entity that has been infected with postmodern identity politics that erodes its ability to carry out the original mission.