It looks foggy outside. It’s Jan 3, and I missed my dentist appointment, so I had to reschedule. The next one is on Valentine’s Day, so maybe I’ll meet and fall in love with the hygienist……probably not. Today has been uneventful. I went to the post office, I went to the supermarket. I came home. What news I saw this morning was pretty funny. Over at the BBC there was some clown who has decided as his New Year resolution to walk 4,000 in order to nullify his carbon footprint. Listen pal, if you’re serious, just keep walking when you get to an ocean. This stultifying annoyingly devoid of any sense at all, idiot didn’t help matters by starting out his interview with the statement, “I’m a middle aged white privileged male….” As I said, if you’re serious, as soon as you see an ocean, keep walking into it.

Jesus.. also at the BBC there is an ongoing health care emergency crisis. A thousand people a week are dying because they can’t get into the hospital. Really? Nothing to do with the vaccines, surely not. Clown World is about to intensify in ways we can’t imagine. Half the medical profession are in Egypt living in a river. That’s all I had time for. In the US senate they are holding a vote for house speaker as I write this. I have to confess I have no idea who is the good guy here. I can hear a baby crying in the background though. I think McCarthy is not the good guy, but then again, after the swamp was drained back in 2020, we know who inhabits it. It’s between Jeffries and McCarthy, and looks like McCarthy is getting most of the votes. I don’t know how far into this they are, but I’ll move on.

Career politicians should totally try this

The fog is still there, but I think it’s mixed in with the fire that I have burning downstairs. I’ll have to walk backwards to Montreal just to negate the massive carbon footprint. There was just a whole bunch of cheering because some dude voted McCarthy.. I have no idea.

Honestly the whole system is fucked. Everything is a lie, so plan accordingly. I’m not troubled by these things though. Most of the political garbage that goes on in the world can be avoided. Nature will take it’s course, and Nature doesn’t tolerate stupidity. I was trying to look up the jackass who was walking 4k miles for his Carbon footprint and I came across another cat who is doing the same thing. This guy is a Muslim who is walking from Wolverhampton to Mecca.

Oh they all started cheering because Pelosi voted Jeffries. He must be the Dem choice then. Some a-hole just yelled out something and everyone clapped like the trained seals they are. What a freakin’ waste of time. Oh, I just heard Wasserman-Shultz name called. I wonder if I’ll see her at the Ocean State this year? Maybe on Valentines’ Day..? Oh no, I’ll be at the dentist.