Friday, Friday

It’s not Friday, but since I have some free time I’m writing this on Thursday night. Nothing is happening, and everything is happening. I got my new phone, and it comes with even more Demonically inspired fuckery! First of all I turned everything off that I thought was going to be spying on me, and in the process turned off the onscreen keyboard. I was forced to talk to the robot to get it back. There was also something in the setting called a “Covid” notification app. It wasn’t turned on. Why in the living hell would anybody even want that? Fucking covid is over. I can’t get rid of it. If I could take a knife and physically carve it out of the phone in a bloody mess like the festering tumor that it is, I would do it and mail it back to google telling them to shove it up their ass. I’d like to stab the actual phone violently to death when I see things like that. Fuck these fucking cunts.

Speaking of cunts, the Australian governcunt has released their latest covid recommendations. “Everyone over the age of 17 should get the latest booster”. Children 5 – 17 should ‘consider it’. Anyone who ain’t completely fucked in the head should ‘consider’ that given this mind bendingly crazy advice, these idiots want you dead and/or injured. It’s breathtakingly idiotic. Who is their number one reference for this, and who do they take their marching orders from? Surprise, surprise..

1.World Health Organization. Tracking SARS-CoV-2 variants.

“Oh look, another variant!” King of the World Health Organization Tedros Tedious Adhanom Ghebreyesus Butros Ghali – would like you jabbed to death, if you would be so kind.

Words can’t even… I’m not going to talk about it, I’ll vomit all over the keyboard if I think about it too much. Meanwhile Albo and the flyblown drones who surround him are busy setting up their new referendum on the “Voice”, the new Apartheid system they want to install down there. There was a crowd at the announcement. Not many of them looked particularly Aboriginal, perhaps one or two, but this is all about grift and more public servants. Actual pure blood Aborigines wouldn’t understand, nor probably care.

The Labor party just love their communist ministries of this and that. “Look how many new jobs we’ve created!” The news reader said it was an “emotional moment”. I’ll bet it was. The fact that they want a sovereign nation within the one that already exists, tells you all you need to know. We’re talking about the “First Nations” after all. They’ve been there soo much longer than you , and you must take a knee and acknowledge the “first peoples” in every place you go in the land. You see, everyone else is “Second Nation” by default, and it’s been set up so that you’ll never forget it. Without taxpayer money, this would fall into a heap in 2 seconds. White people are effectively paying reparations to be humiliated on a daily basis.

To say that I detest this whole festering, putrid, hateful, obscene pile of divisive Progressive horse dung, isn’t using strong enough language. I don’t think the correct level of terminology for something beyond that has been invented yet. It’s galactic. We can all thank Kevin Rudd for this shit show. One of, if not the, worst prime minister they’ve ever had. Fuck him and the Trojan horse he rode in on. Hopefully the people will throw ‘the voice’ in the trash where it belongs. But it’s Thursday/Friday. The weekend is almost here. I should talk about nice things, positive things for a change.

Mate, you’re the (bellowing) VOICE!

Ah, I’ll pick this up tomorrow, on actual Friday, not a pretend one like this…

So it’s actually Friday for real now. I just looked at an alternative news website. Check it out of you like. The usual bullshit is happening. The Stock Market is crashing, but Joe Biden is saving the planet, so don’t worry about nothin’. Over at the alt alt news website, which I don’t want to name here (4chan/pol/) Xi Jinping and Putin are getting together to change the world. Who can blame them? At this moment we have the stupidest and most fiscally reckless people you can imagine, in positions of power. They’re insane.

It’s not their money they’re throwing away, although eventually it will be, they’re just too dumb to see it. Happy Friday.

I’ve never seen this video. Is it an anti war song, or an anti Jackie Weaver and Derryn Hinch getting married and having a kid song? People want to know.