Feb 3. My beautiful D(ing)’ Angelico arrived yesterday. Of course the truck pulled up just after I had left the house, but fortunately nobody stole it from off the front porch. You never know. Sure it’s a got a ding, but I got another $34 off it, plus the original $500. The $34 was how much the sales tax was, it was token amount. It’s pretty nice I have to say. Light, and easy to play. Will it take the place of my HH Jazzmaster? I don’t think so, but I’ll play it next time the band gets together at the Fortress. You can decide if it’s any good, or indeed if I’m any good. I think I’m ok, but then again I don’t have 350k Instagram followers that says I’m really great, despite having achieved very little other than being on some half assed TV show for five minutes. It’s a joke, but I’m not laughin’. I do laugh at the news though.

Down in the Land of Oz, the governcunt has decided to remove the queen of England from the $5 bank note. “Australia’s Reserve Bank said the new $5 bill would feature a design to replace the portrait of the queen, who died in September. The bank said the move would honor “the culture and and history of the first Australians.”

The First (and only) Nation of Christ where everyone is equal.

Incidentally, what happens when an Aborigine sees an image of the now dead queen on an existing *coin? Does they have to throw it away? We’re constantly being told that Aboriginal people should turn off the TV or go Walkabout when some show or other comes on that features people who have died. Is this still a thing? Or is it something that nobody really cares about any more? I’d seriously like to know how anyone can avoid seeing images of people who have died, without living in a cave and never fucking leaving?

I suspect it’s just more virtue-signaling about being ‘culturally sensitive’, and in practice it hardly, if ever, is an issue any more. If it really is a big deal, then the ‘First Nations People’ should shun western society altogether, and stay in their sacred lands where white people aren’t allowed to be. No TV and no Internet for you! Nobody can be critical or question anything to do with Aborigines now because they, themselves are sacred. They must be, given the lengths the current government are going to, to enshrine them as a separate nation within the existing one that has served us for the past 200 years. They truly will be the ‘First Nation’ despite the fact that they could never be considered as a nation in the first place.

Sir John Monash, definitely dead.

That they were a disparate collection of somewhat nomadic tribes seems to be what I remember them as. This in no way denigrates them as people, it’s just a stretch to call them a a nation. Now it’s got to be called a nation because ‘groups of nomads’ carries no weight.

It’s possible the Aboriginal people migrated across a land bridge from India that may have existed before the last Ice Age. I was watching a program the other week called “India From Above”. It consisted of drone footage of India ‘from above’, and fascinating it was. At one point the drone came down to land in some part of India, and I forget where, but a fellow started talking in his local dialect. His manner of speaking and the pronunciation of the words sounded to me exactly how the Aborigines sound. I’ve actually heard others in India speak that way before as well. It’s also possible that the traffic went the other way, although people coming from the Indian continent seems more likely. They may have sailed there, who knows?

I’m fairly convinced that these people have some connection with India, they even look the same in many cases. I’m unaware of any studies that have been undertaken to examine these theories. The narrative is that these people have lived on this land for ever, therefore anyone arriving after that are Johnny-Come-Latelys and Second (class) Nation citizens. It’s probably heresy to question any of it. We’re talking about a religion here.

God Save the King and Happy Friday.

*not to mention all the other higher denomination notes (and postage stamps) out there, all of them with dead people on them. What do? Use a credit card?