Greek Climate Change Minister Vassilis Kikilias

has just revealed that the majority of the 667 fires that have erupted across the country in recent weeks were found to have been ignited “by human hand.” Oh dear, that’s what’s causing the global boiling then. I’m shocked, I tell ya. Does anyone still believe these assholes when they talk about man made climate change? Yet, today, tomorrow and into the forseeable future we’re going to see in the alternative universe of the government media complex, disreputable “journalists” talk about these things as is they were real. They have no shame, no morals and no intelligence. It’s tiresome, so let’s focus on what I’ve been doing for a sweet change.

The jokes write themselves

Last week some cunt broke into my Facebook account. It wasn’t anything I did. I never give out passwords, respond to phishing, or leave anything unsecured, because I know these things happen. Facebook itself got hacked most probably, and my password was stolen by some goblin in order to steal any financial information that might have been in my account. Of course there wasn’t any, so it was a pointless exercise. Facebook will alert you when someone changes something in your account, and they will send an email asking if it was you. If you don’t respond because it was you, they leave it at that. Unfortunately if you don’t respond because you didn’t see the alert immediately, the hacker can change everything including the alert email address and password, so you’re locked out of your account. You’ll just see four alerts that you didn’t respond to, and by then some asshole has locked you out. It’s a completely shitty system, which is set up to fail.

Good, if true

If you try and get back in, you have to prove who you are by uploading some id. Since the information on my account has nothing to do with my actual id (I didn’t provide that when I opened the account almost 20 years ago, because of the very good possibility that it could be hacked…which turned out to be true!) the id I upload won’t be identifiable as me. It’s scanned by a robot I’m sure. There isn’t any way you can interact with a person. It’s a very unhelpful help center, but facebook doesn’t really care. They have 3 billion accounts, they don’t need you. It doesn’t really matter to me in the long run, except that the Slaughtermen had a page with quite a few followers, and now they don’t. I can’t see what people I know in Australia are doing now either, and I can’t post videos or information about what I’m doing to the same people. Furthermore, I can’t let anyone know why I suddenly disappeared. It has made me realize the insidiousness of privately operated social media, which is something I already knew, but it also made me realize that it’s a flawed system, because internet access to friends and family is controlled by these weasels who can’t even run a secure platform.

There needs to be another way, but I don’t know what it is yet. The more people’s accounts are compromised, the less anyone is going to want to have anything to do with it. This, of course, is why I have this website. When this fake pandemic started, I could see that differing opinions were being censored and banned on social media. People spreading ‘misinformation’ were stating the now, verifiable truth that the so called vaccines were not safe, not vaccines, and were not needed. This was across the entire spectrum of social media. Now that most people know that all of this ‘misinformationl’ was correct, and Musk wrested Twitter from the progressive fascists, free speech is almost back on the table. But Google, Facebook, et al are still gaslighting and shadow banning people and ideas, so don’t think that has gone away. They’re figuring out new ways to ban the truth.

If google was an alligator

I just read today that google wants to introduce a digital passport to access the web. The Chrome (or other approved browsers) will have an embedded id that will provide the user with safe access to google approved content. Those browsers without the digital passport will be blocked. So if you don’t comply with any of this, you will be effectively unable to surf the web. It hasn’t happened yet, but the fact that this is what they are aiming for, demonstrates that their intentions aren’t good. This website, for example would be required to sign up to this monstrosity in order for anyone to view it. If Google doesn’t approve of the content, (which they won’t) they won’t even issue me a certificate in the first place. There goes any idea of freedom of speech….of thought, even.

So to summarize, I am not on Facebook any more. I don’t know if I will get my account back, even though anyone with half a brain could figure out with the ID that I sent them, that the account belongs to me. They say “just open a new one”. That would require me to give them more personal information, and frankly I can’t be fucked. I don’t really like these people. I’m going to start a Slaughtermen website, so that any Slaughtermen fans can check it out. It’s not going to be the same though.

The appeal of something like Facebook is that it’s “social media”. A website like this is something else. I thought you could leave comments here, but I can’t see it anymore. Only a few people want to anyway. I’ll try and bring that back. and see how it goes. Social media is a great way for people to interact with one another, especially if you live on opposite sides of the planet. It’s just in the hands of the wrong people in my opinion. Oh, and the pos who broke into my account? You’re fucking cursed forever. I mean it.