Happy New Year – Fuck these people

This morning I turned on the TV, and literally the first word I heard was “Climate Change”, this was followed by “Colonialism caused Climate Change”. Of course this was none other than the bona fide domestic terrorist organization, Australia’s own taxpayer funded ABC.

Who would be saying these things? You might wonder, and in what context? What was being broadcast appeared to be some kind of memorial service for a familiar looking man. I think it was for someone who was an Aboriginal activist of yore. Judging from the anti-white hate speech coming from the podium, I was probably right. An overweight, part Aboriginal woman was angrily spewing forth this bile, and the audience, who were mostly white, were sitting with pained expressions on their faces. I hope it was worth it. How to make friends and influence people. Welcome to 2023, same as 2022.

I couldn’t take no more of that revolting, offensive and injurious shyte, so I headed over to the BBC, where they were winding down yet another 2022, Year in Review, program. Just at the tail end of it they started talking about the ‘health crisis’ and mentioned the “excess deaths” of the past six months or so . Aha! I thought, surely they are now going to be addressing the well-known (to any sentient human being, that is) fact that the experimental gene therapy aka “the vaccine”, is killing and injuring thousands of people. Nooooo such thing. The excess deaths were caused by anything but. One of the lame reasons was the heat wave in summer, which lasted for all of a week and a half.

You’ve got to be shitting me I said. I turned the garbage off, and turned my attention to making some apple, blueberry pancakes. They turned out perfectly. The secret is to cook them in lots of butter, that makes the bottom crispy… Anyway, this year will be great, I’m sure. Forget the creeps on TV, because the gaslighting and demoralization from the dishonest Legacy Media will continue until people stop listening to them.

Happy New Year, and as always, fuck these people.