I’d almost forgotten it was Monday, I’ve been so busy this morning. Now I can sit back and write this very important message in peace. What’s the message? Everything’s a lie. You can take it from there. When I say everything’s a lie, obviously I don’t mean everything, but a lot of things don’t make sense any more. When that’s what’s happening , you can probably figure out that whoever is telling you that it’s raining, when they’re actually pissing on you, is lying. Your lying senses don’t lie that much. On the weekend I was working out with the band. It sounded so good that at one point I got chills for about 10 seconds. It’s what you get when just playing music turns into something special. It doesn’t happen very often, and you can’t make it happen.

It’s officially too fucking hoomid

Other than that, it’s still steenking hot and humid. It’s so humid (currently 55% indoors) that the dehumidifier completely fills up with water in about 3 hours. It’s about two gallons, so that’s a lot of moisture in the air. Thank God for air conditioning. No doubt the maniacs in the AGW cult will want to ban those too. That these fools want to ban everything that runs on gasoline or natural gas is alarming. It means that everything will have to run on electricity, and where does that come from? Power plants that run on nuclear, oil, gas or solar? Oh, sorry I forgot the mighty wind machines. That these people are stupid is an understatement. They are criminally stupid, if they are stupid at all, because unless they are retarded, they should know that traditional fuels, (I refuse to call them fossil fuels, because they’re not) are still going to make up the lion’s share of energy generation for the foreseeable future.

The world has become such a monstrous place since 2019, that there is mass PTSD. Everyone wants to forget about the covid bullshit, but it was terrible. I’m not going to go over it all but it was hell on earth, and it hasn’t changed a great deal. The shitty things from the fake pandemic have been replaced with equally shitty and dangerous things. The fucking war that shouldn’t have started for one. The a-holes who forced death jabs on everyone need a monumental distraction, now that people are waking up to it, all too late of course. World War Three would be perfect, and there’s a lot of money to be made.

Stop Genocide? – the irony

Ah, I’m getting mad again. Might as well kick off Monday with a kick to the teeth for the “establishment”. I saw some dumb news story on the weekend. I think it was from Australia. Some people were protesting about something. The usual shit probably, but there was a little bit of video of these old hippies? singing “Down by the Riverside”, just like they used to do in 1965. It must have been anti nukes people because that’s probably what they were protesting about back then. Some people never learn/grow/up/get any sense. A lot of those “hippies” now are the establishment. They run things, and they’re just as clueless as they were when they were hugging the fucking trees. It’s a nightmare, because what they’re preaching is essentially a death sentence for the civilized world.

These old cunts never had a clue, but now they run entire nations. Eventually some of us are going to need a new place to live in. Maybe a small town?

Twitter is now called “X” but the bird is still there. Watch this nice looking bird expose the hypocrisy of Amazon.