Here we

are again with yet another ‘crisis’. It’s Monday. You’d be hard pressed to not be thinking there’s some kind of plan involved here. A huge Silicon Valley bank fails, and what’s their ideology? Not to make money apparently. It’s diversity, inclusion, climate change and racial and gender inequality. Nobody saw that coming. The current regime in the US supports all of those things as well, just so you know. But remember conservatives bad, woke, inclusiveness is good, and white people are inherently racist. You have to realize that the people doing this are a small minority. Let’s say there’s a couple of hundred thousand progressives in the nation’s capital. These are the hard core army of the anti American uniparty who hate Trump and will do anything to keep the status quo going. Then there’s the rest of the community who supports them. The mindless Liberals and others who are in in for the free stuff. I think we know who they are without naming them. They’re not thinkers, they just follow. If the government says that wearing bunny ears will stop you from catching a cold, they will blindly obey. Their job isn’t to think, just trust that others in positions of authority know what’s best for everyone.

This is fundamentally Un American (non) thinking, but thanks to massive immigration of people from third world countries, there are more more of these sheeple. I’ve noticed that of all the people still wearing face masks that don’t work, many of them are Asians. I wonder why? I used to go to a Vietnamese restaurant around here regularly pre the ‘pandemic’. I liked their food and they seemed like nice people. It was the middle of summer in 2019, I think. I know it was a stinkin’ hot day and ‘covid’ was everywhere. In the air, in your hair, in the clouds etc etc. . I went to the store to order some take out. Inside they had big plastic dividers hanging up to stop the spread of the deadly covid. Every store had them. That didn’t particularly bother me, but after I had placed my order the person who took it asked me to wait outside. There wasn’t anyone else in the store at the time. Outside it was about 95 degrees and there was no shade. I wasn’t wearing a mask of course. Why would I? They don’t fucking work. After wishing that I hadn’t pre-paid and that I could just walk away, I walked back inside to collect my order and I told them point blank, that I was never coming back there again. I haven’t been back either, even though it’s the only place for miles around that makes Pho that I like. Fuck them. They come from a place where obedience to authority is central to their existence, and they should stay there* in my opinion. One of the main reasons I left Australia was because I simply couldn’t stand the idea of a monarchy. I had no desire to be someone’s subject, and I still don’t.

The left loves unquestioning obedience to big government though. That’s why they want more and more immigrants from places that cater to that mind set. True Americans loathe big government because as we all know America was founded on the concept of freedom. That’s literally what it’s all about. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Being American is not about bowing down to big government. It’s about mistrust of big government. It’s by the people, for the people, of the people. That’s why the big gov progressives want everyone disarmed. The second amendment is there so that big government doesn’t turn into a totalitarianism nightmare. You’ll get all kinds of arguments from stupid and mentally ill people that the second amendment means something else, but it doesn’t and never will.

“The right to bear arms shall not be infringed”. It couldn’t be any clearer, but then the people framing these laws were in full possession of their higher minds and and ideals, and they knew, knowing human nature, that times like these would potentially arise. People outside of here don’t understand these things, having been gaslit for decades by the media about gun violence, mass shootings and how inherently bad the US is in that respect. One year I wore an NRA hat on stage at a Slaughtermen show, and I may as well have been wearing a KKK hood as far as Andrew’s girlfriend, Suzanne was concerned. It was ridiculous, but demonstrated to me just how much the Australian media has distorted the whole gun debate. How dare I? Guns are bad, the NRA is the Nazi party. You, therefore are Hitler. The truth is that most gun violence in this country is perpetrated by a minority demographic of the community, but nobody has the will or the political desire to say who they are.

It doesn’t serve the purpose of the official narrative, which is to take everyone’s guns away. Ignoring this is a problem, because you can never fix the issue if you don’t address the cause. You can’t just put a band aid on it and hope that it will go away. You also can’t take away the majority of law abiding people’s rights for self defense against criminals and malevolent governments by pretending that the core of gun violence isn’t what it really is. The choices today seem to be do we want to become Venezuela or South Africa? At the moment we seem to be lurching in the direction of both places.

* not everyone from Asia is like this obviously. This is not a wholesale condemnation of an ethnic group by any means