I finally posted the

Halloween Special. It took the best part of a week to put it together. There were a lot of issues like the multi track dropouts, and cameras not recording until the end, but it still came out great in my opinion. I was trying to record a spooky organ opener yesterday when my phone refused to work. I hit the video record button and watched it record, and then there was no recording. I did this three times before I got an actual recording. Then I couldn’t play back the audio because my phone had mysteriously switched itself to “Do Not Disturb”. Nobody is gonna tell me that there aren’t ghosts or poltergeists around the place, because every single Halloween, weird stuff occurs. That was definitely one of them.

Halloween special – She really should be in it. It goes to air at 11.59 pm tonight.


Meanwhile the stupid, boring, pointless fucking wars go on, and does anyone really care about any of this other than interested parties? These conflicts have nothing to with western countries yet the “media” keep telling us to pick sides. You know what? GET FUCKED……. I could care less about any of it. I have taken to watching Fox News for a few seconds every morning, and it’s just as bad, if not worse than it was before. Wall to wall propaganda and gas lighting. If I watch anything, it’s satellite TV. At the moment the Palestinian channel is showing some UN meeting. No doubt the UN will declare that there should be a cease fire, and nobody will take any notice of it. Again nobody with a functioning brain gives a FUCK what the UN says or does.

Swaggart looks cranky today.

It’s all boring SHIT. It can all fuck off on the horse it rode in on.

There’s nothing much else going on. It’s Halloween Eve, that’s about it. I’m sure I had something I wanted to say about something, but I’ve forgotten what it was. I have no compassion for made up horse shit that could be avoided. I’ve noticed that gas prices have been going down lately. This could only mean that there’s an election coming up. It’s like the changing of the seasons. You can bet that after the election, the prices will be up to four and five bucks again. They must think people are stupid. I haven’t put any jokes in this year’s Halloween show, like I have in the past. It already goes for an hour and seventeen minutes, so there wasn’t any room for them. On the Sat TV, the UN security council meeting drones on and on. I don’t have the sound on. Over at Jimmy Swaggart’s channel, he’s having some kind of round table meeting. They’re taking talking about new and old covenants. I have no idea….oh, and Israel… On TV RI, which is a Romanian channel, there is some kind of heavy rock band video.

Romanian Rock ‘n Roll.

It’s all good. I’m tired from editing the Helloween show, so I’m going to stop here and go and do something else. The same band is back on TV RI. This is on high rotation. I’ll have to see if it’s on Youtube. Don’t forget to check out the F Halloween special. I’ll be back tomorrow with more breaking news.

I think this is an early video of the singer that I just saw on Romanian TV.