I had to go to the dentist

this morning for some scheduled cleaning. I hate using dental floss, and despite the overwhelming narrative that it should be used all the time, I don’t trust it. I stopped using it about 4 years ago and now my gums don’t bleed like they used to when I was using the stuff. I use a sonicare toothbrush which blasts everything from between your teeth, although it isn’t foolproof. That’s why almost everyone needs to visit the dentist so they can reach the parts that you can’t. I don’t mind it at all. It’s like having someone thoroughly clean your house every six months or something. All of this is of no importance other than to mention that on the way back, I happened to turn on the radio and started listening to yet another delusional discussion about the 2024 presidential election. This was NPR, donor supported public radio, the US version of Australia’s taxpayer funded ABC network. From what I gather, the person being interviewed must have been some kind of teacher.

A professor, a lecturer, or an ordinary political science teacher? I don’t know. Whoever he was, he was talking shit. Part of the debate seemed to be whether Trump could overcome his legal problems and actually run for office again. These people, like everyone else in this alternative wonderworld that they inhabit, seem to think that if you keep saying things like “the insurrection”, it will somehow become true. According to them Trump took part in, created, fomented, invented and participated in a so-called “insurrection” and if they keep saying that, there is plausible belief in their fevered brain that has some validity. Perhaps they should read the thirty two pages of evidence recently released that pretty clearly lays out the case that there were serious abnormalities in the 2020 election. I’m not even going to say it was “stolen” because in this universe of delusion, that would be make me an election “denier”.

That’s the worst thing you can call anyone, a denier. The way that works from a psychological standpoint, puts the recipient of such a label firmly in a position that they have no hope of extricating themselves from. It’s the point of no return. If something is so fundamentally and proven to be true, there is no other adjective that can be used on a person. You’re a denier of the truth, reality, and our very understanding of the building blocks of rational thought. You’re a flat earther, you don’t believe in the sun, the earth, these things are undeniable..you get the picture. There is no comeback from being called a denier, that’s the whole point. Your belief in certain things that you say are true, means that you have lost your mind. I can think of a number of examples, but you probably know what I’m talking about. Therein lies the problem with the average person. They will never entertain any thoughts that will lead them into the mind trap of being labeled a denier. It’s a fate worse than death, and it’s used as a weapon to shut down any argument to the contrary.

Beware of the ‘experts”

I was trying to find a list of websites that google would tell me had been labeled “extreme”, because if you’re a denier, you are by default, an extremist of course. I found a lot of articles and websites that talked about extremism, but scant information about where to find this content. These people are happy to tell you that there are extremists out there, but would rather not tell you where they are. People might get curious and want to check them out for themselves. God forbid that some of them might have information to liberate the masses from the programming that keeps them in the dark and afraid. The best thing people can do to unshackle themselves from such fuckery is to stop believing what the TV tells you. It’s mostly lies. Seek and ye shall find. The “alternative point of view” is rapidly becoming mainstream, and deniers and extremists are the sane and the normal now. That’s all for now.

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