I just came back from

the Wal-shit-Mart. I wasn’t gonna go there again, but there are a few things that they sell that I quite like. Their croissants are very good, and as an ethnic French person* I can’t resist them. I also went to Ocean State Job Lot because it was close by. I like the dude who seems to run the place. They had batteries on sale too, but they were mislabeled. A ten pack for half price. The only problem was that the sign was right above 16 packs, there were no 10 packs at all. Stupidity or wilful misleading of the shopper? I don’t know, but my pal gave them to me for the discount price anyway. “We’re family here”. That’s his motto. Since I have zero family in this country, it’s the closest thing I’m getting to family, so I’ll take it. So you can see, it’s very exciting here today. I have just been informed that this weekend has a Federal holiday tacked on to the end of it. Something called Juneteenth. I need to look this up, to find out what it’s all about though. Turns out it’s about slavery, and it was officially made a federal holiday on June 17, 2021. That’s all I’m going to say about it.

My biggest problem at the moment is Pepe Le Pew, the asshole that keeps tearing up my lawn. This fucker comes out in the middle of the night and digs up divots of grass, and tosses them aside resulting in holes all over the place. It’s like some retard has been practicing their golf swing for 10 ten hours, and missing the ball every time. It’s fucking annoying. Although I discovered I’m allowed to shoot it, I really don’t want to. Imagine the smell. I’ll have to get a trap or something. I have remote cameras at my place, so I can watch what’s going on when I’m not there. Last night at about 10 o’clock on my security camera app, I saw it busy at work killing the fucking lawn. I noticed a button on the app that said “siren”. It appears that I can activate an alarm remotely by doing this. The skunk looked like it had been hit by lightning and took off at 100 miles an hour. It’s not a permanent solution though.

I’ve got an electric fence that I haven’t really tried using, and also a sonic repellent device. These annoyances are something that urban living doesn’t feature as much, although there is always some critter or insect trying to make life miserable where ever you are. Scorpions in the desert, Mosquitoes, Bats, all kinds of rodents etc, etc. People here are always scared of the animals in Australia, but I’m more worried about things with rabies, which is more likely in this neck of the woods. Waking up at 3 am with a bat circling your bed is something I don’t ever want to experience again. You have to kill it as well, and then take the thing to a rabies testing place, just to be sure. No thanks. Thankfully, I haven’t seen any for a couple of years. I’m sure some still live in the walls of the fortress, but as long as they stay there, and I don’t see them flying around inside it’s ok I suppose.

The sweet taste of 1975

There’s nothing happening in the news. Yesterday’s “aliens are here” stories have disappeared. I made a chocolate pudding/yellow cake bunt cake. (picrel) The previous owners of this place left behind many things. One was an unopened 1970’s Bunt cake mold. There were recipes on the box, and 50 years later, the recipes are still good. As chance would have it, I had the exact ingredients to make one of them (even down to the actual brand of product required) A box of Pillsbury Yellow cake, and a box of chocolate pudding which had been in the cupboard for a few months. What did it taste like? The 1970’s of course!

I was looking for something yesterday and found this TV appearance from the last century…


* Family Dna results show this to be partially true