I’m back live

today. I had thought the Nashville story was a three parter, but it wasn’t. That means I have to write something. It doesn’t have to make sense, it just has to be something. I just read that in Finland, some supermarkets are supplying pink shopping baskets so that singles who want to meet other singles while they’re shopping, will know who they can talk to. I don’t know about pink. If it were me, I’d avoid carrying a pink shopping basket. Maybe the young singles of today aren’t concerned. My nephew who is an “influencer” with over 40k followers on Instagram regularly paints his fingernails all manner of colors. It looks totally gay to me, but I don’t know what the thinking is behind it. (if any) Pink shopping baskets are probably cool, whaddo I know? There’s a whole Reddit thread about it here. It appears that the baskets aren’t all pink, they’re just smaller with the words Sinkkukori printed on them

Rokken “skirts for the gutter” indeed

There are far more pressing issues that meeting singles in the supermarket. I never had any trouble meeting girls, but then playing in a band helps. At some point it doesn’t offer a lot of return emotionally. There were times in the past when I had to have sex with someone new every night. This didn’t always happen, but the thought was there. I’ve already said too much. I guess it’s casual sex Friday today anyway, nobody cares. I have no doubt there are people on dating apps doing the same thing, but I’m not, and I don’t want to. What do I want to do? That’s the question. My bass player had to have surgery on his shoulder this week, so we won’t be doing any live at the Fortress for a few weeks. I did go out to see a band with the drummer on Wednesday night. It was one of those white “Blues bands”. The guitarist was someone who had been a band leader for one of the talking monkeys that do those insufferable “Tonight shows” on TV. I forget the guy’s name, which is probably a good thing, because I wasn’t really impressed.

Blind Lemon Jefferson had an intricate and fast style of guitar playing and a particularly high-pitched voice

It’s hard to impress me anyway. First off, the bass player was wearing a face mask. What is with these people? The last time I was at this place 3/4 of the band were wearing face masks, but that was during the fake pandemic. Nobody should be wearing a mask now. Let’s ignore the fact that they don’t work, but most of the audience, at least half of them boomers, didn’t have them on. These are the same people who got vaxxed multiple times, and wore their face diapers with extreme prejudice 24/7. The dude would take it off now and again. It was like he was testing the waters or something. It was bizarre. The cat doing all the singing and guitar playing was very skilled in all the blues licks. He’d clearly studied every bluesman and their styles and faithfully reproduced them. Personally, If I want to hear BB King play, I’d rather it be BB king himself, not a cover version. I’ve seen BB anyway in Nashville, but he’s dead now, so no more BB. This guy is a walking blues resurrectionist if you will. He was singing flat a lot of the time. His voice was kinda screechy too, which didn’t help.

I’m not gonna spend time here talking smack about other people. The audience LOVED IT. That’s the key to success. Give the sheeple masses what they crave, even if it is a watered down inauthentic, cover version of what they think they like. I’m fucked if I know. People are dumb.

Happy Friday

Last day for the Halloween Special. It goes away tomorrow.