I’m bored

tonight, so I’m writing tomorrow’s journal yesterday. I found a beautiful big satellite map of the coming snow storm and it’s probably going to be here in about an hour or two. I’m not getting out the snow blower because it will all melt quickly. It’s a dumb time for old man winter to be shaking his fist at us, but that’s the way it is sometimes. I think the snowmageddon of a few years ago was in April so you never know. I still don’t know what happened up the road on Saturday night either. When I posted that video of ACDC I started looking at what they were doing now. ACDC have just released a new album called PWRϟUP (Power Up) Rolling Stone’s somewhat bland review gives it three and a half stars. It’s as if they have no idea or interest in the actual content at all. The band is almost the same as it was in the beginning minus Bon Scott and Malcolm Young. They even brought back Phil Rudd from the dead. This is the same guy who was arrested on suspicion of hiring a hit man to kill somebody a few years ago. He still looks scary to me.

Phil Rudd

Anyway, Phil’s back on the drums, rockin’ out like before. I was looking at the video for the song Power Up and I have come to the conclusion that Angus Young is morphing into Chad Morgan, at least in appearance. I interviewed Chad when I was doing my SBS TV gig back in the 90’s. I can’t remember the name of the show, (nomad with a small ‘d”) but I went around with a camera crew and talked to all the Aussie country music legends who were still alive at the time. Simon Marnie the producer, was given the boot just after I had done the last interview, and nobody subsequent to that gave a shit about anything that I had in the can, so the whole thing never made it to air. That’s unlikely to happen at all now, since white males are rapidly becoming persona non grata in the countries that they built up from nothing. There’s a lot of DIVISIVENESS impersonating itself as something else, that’s all I’m going to say, and it’s OBNOXIOUS as far as I’m concerned.

Here is a nice picture of this morning’s Feb 28, snow outside the Fortress in place of two paragraphs of content related to what I just said, which I’m not going to publish because it’s just going to make people upset.

The late, breaking Winter Wonderland.

ACDC used to have a big old house in Balmain the harborside suburb where I lived for a while. I never saw any of them there, most probably because they were constantly touring. I got so mad that I strayed off my topic which was Angus looking like Chad Morgan. I will obviously have to supply a picture of Chad so you can see, but you’ll have to look up the new Acca Dacca video to compare.

The Chad

I just looked at the satellite map and the snow is coming closer. I’d say within the hour. If anything else happens between now and tomorrow, I’ll let you know, ok?