I’m going to try not

to talk about Glastonbury today. Taylor Swift is touring Australia. That’s the big news down there. I’m not a fan, but plenty of people are. What’s the appeal I wonder? Ok, so I just watched 47 seconds of her latest? video, a song called “Ice Spice – Karma”. Meh, it’s underwhelming. Lots of demonic imagery in the video, but that’s par for the course. I was reading something the other day that basically said aliens (demonic forces) are taking over the earth. Their plan is to enslave everyone, but they have some kind of twisted cosmic obligation to tell everyone what they’re doing before they do it. If people cease to heed the warnings, then they deserve everything that’s coming to them. (or something like that) It sounds nuts, but then look at the people believing in things that don’t exist, who are running countries.

Tay Tay

You can go on Youtube and look at all the number ones this year and they all sound the same. It’s formlualic garbage, heavily processed pablum for the masses. It’s the kind of stuff that has a pre-planned stage act built in. The visuals the lighting, the dancing are all part of the one product. The song is almost an afterthought to the whole production. It really doesn’t matter what the song is. It will sound like a modern day pop song should, that’s all that is important. Go into a shopping center and you’ll hear that sound. It’s a consumer accelerator. Music to encourage you to buy useless Chinese electronics or “fashion” made in India. Taylor Swift is just the person chosen to deliver the message at the moment.

Yesterday, I had to go to the dentist to have my teeth cleaned. Because apparently my time is worth nothing, I have to sit and wait ten to fifteen minutes after my designated appointment time, while they get their shit together. I like my dentist, he’s a good guy, but the practice has been taken over by someone else, and they are sometimes lacking in the things they should be getting right, like punctuality. While I was sitting in the waiting room I had to listen to what I’m guessing was a contemporary country music station. God that stuff is awful. Talk about “all sounding the same”. I swear to God, it’s the same guy, wearing a different hat and driving a different truck, moaning about the same chick with her boots on. (or off). I wrote a song about it a while ago. I’ll put it below.

Mad Mad

Music tastes are generational, I get that. The music of say, the 1920’s and 30’s doesn’t appeal to me, but I don’t have much of an opportunity to listen it either, unless I search for it. The airwaves are taken up today by what’s new, because that’s the audience they’re trying to sell stuff to. Music isn’t about the talented artist so much, it’s about selling goods and services. It’s been that way for decades. That’s why it all eventually turns to shit. It took the punk movement to break everything out of the “album track rock” , progressive FM stalemate that commercial music had slowly become in the 70’s. The Doobie Brothers and Journey were out, and the Sex Pistols were in. Of course the Doobie Brothers didn’t really go away, and punk never really took a hold on commercial radio, but it paved the way for people like Madonna, who could do and say outrageous things because of what had preceded her, ie the Sex Pistols.

Madonna allegedly had a hospital visit on the weekend. She’s been working too hard on her upcoming tour. I don’t know man. What’s going to happen with her? Madonna has had two hip replacements, Taylor Swift has had none. Perhaps we’re witnessing just another changing of the guard in the crazy world of pop.

Modern Country music that is..