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news this morning, Sky News reported yesterday that “Disease X” is an “unidentified and potential future pandemic and that there is a team of more than 200 scientists from the UK carrying out work to prepare for it. Oh, better start the lock downs and jabs then. Perhaps they were referring to Elon Musk and the renamed Twitter which is now called X?

It’s funny because nobody seems to miss Twitter anymore. X sounds much better. A lot of the Twits have all run away to Zuckerberg’s “Threads”, although unfortunately there are still many of them shitting up the app with their malevolent insanity. I don’t wanna talk about politics though. I just had to climb up on the fucking ladder again because Satan’s cats, the squirrels had opened up the top of the bay window again overnight. I’ll show a picture of something similar, it’s easier than trying to describe it in words. It’s almost impossible to fix without a bucket truck because you can’t stand on a ladder and use both hands, unless you want to fall off.

Imagine the roof of this window has been breached, and it’s 30 feet off the ground.

That being said, I hope this works, but I’m not confident. Shooting them is really the only option. What does PETA say about squirrels? “Despite squirrels’ many likeable attributes, some people don’t appreciate it when squirrels raid their vegetable gardens or tear holes in the roofs of their homes to build nests. (that’s an understatement) Nevertheless, it’s important for all of us to remember that we should not vilify these animals; they don’t have a score to settle with us.” …Well, yes they do. They are nasty, revengeful sons of bitches, that’s bullshit. The PETA website did offer some helpful advice though….“encourage the squirrels to go outside by placing a radio tuned to a talk-radio station inside the attic, along with several ammonia-soaked rags and/or a portable lamp.” Yes, that’s the ticket. An ammonia soaked rag and a radio tuned to NPR. It’s enough to drive any creature insane.

Oh, it’s called Rhythms…ok

Again, fuck squirrels and the trees they rode in on. I have nothing to say today. I might start posting some articles that I wrote in San Francisco while I was writing a regular column for an Australian magazine the name of which escapes me now. They are pretty interesting. (I think) My gig came to an abrupt end when Arnold Schwarzenegger became the governor there, and I had the audacity to praise him in something I wrote. Despite the fact that Arnie is an anti-Trump, left wing Rino, in the style of John McCain, this wasn’t acceptable to whoever decided to discontinue my column. The only letters I ever got were from people who had decided that I was probably a right wing extremist member of the Klan. It reminds me of the time I was playing in a band there. Being San Francisco, of course everyone in it, apart from me, was gay. It was fun, and the only reason it broke up was because the two lesbians had a fight with the two guys. I was just stuck in the middle.

Us guys soldiered on, but we needed a name change. Anita Cocktail and the Shakers wasn’t going to cut it without any females. I came up with Ku Klux Kweer. I didn’t get a huge amount of resistance for it either. Make of that what you will.

From Cementville.. In the middle you’ll hear Geo Hamilton V talking about Nashville and country music.

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