Independence Day

I’m not going to write much today, because it’s a holiday here in North America. I went for a swim, it was very cold. Rain water keeps flowing down the mountain, so It doesn’t get a chance to heat up. It’s as if someone has a cold tap running in the bath all the time. Today’s news tells us that  Sheetz gas stations stores are looking to celebrate Independence Day by lowering the price of nearly all their gasoline blends in honor of the year 1776, when the Declaration was first adopted in our country. That’s nice, but they ain’t nowhere near here. 5,600 vehicles and 1,000 buildings have been set alight in France last week. Diversity and inclusion strikes again.  The director of a local news station in Michigan has been fired, as has an assistant director, after issuing a memo to journalists asking them to cover “Pride” events in a more “balanced” way, because viewers had complained that there was too much slobbering over it.

Need to gas up the lawnmower, sheeeit!

Apparently many staff members “experienced significant emotional turmoil on account of the memo”. This, of course reinforces what I said yesterday about watching legacy media being akin to walking into a mental institution. They live in a delusional bubble, and if the majority of sane people (the viewers) complain about the skewed “news” reporting, they just fire the people who try and correct the madness. It’s the same all day long. Crazy talk pretending to be “news”. People ain’t buyin’ it. These cable networks and newspapers would rather lose viewers and go out of business than tell the truth about anything. It’s an unsustainable death cult. I sincerely hope they all do go out of business and disappear from the face of the earth as soon as possible. It’s a modern day pestilence.

60 years on, looks like it’s going according to plan.

Nothing much else going on right now. It’s quiet. The video that I posted the day before yesterday has had 117 views so far. It may not seem like much in the face of 6 million or 2 billion or whatever the latest manufactured, demoralizing demonic pablum for the masses gets, but it’s a huge improvement on what normally happens. I’m going to post another one today from the Sunday before last. I’ve turned up the guitar so you can hear all the good playing (and mistakes) clearly. Bear in mind there are no mistakes. Everything is deliberate. Just before the end of the song there is what sounds like the wrong chord in the chorus. Believe it or not, that was deliberate. Everything you listen to now sounds so in tune and polished to within an inch of it’s stupid half life. The music business is littered with radio active waste. It’s landfill, garbage, worthless crap.

The Jew restrains the Nazi…..what a lovely couple!

This is one of the few places on the internet where everything is real. There are no lies, no agenda, no corporate weasels running some fucking algorithm, no forced diversity and inclusion, no gender or equality issues, no climate change religion, no feminism, no cultural marxism and no communism. In other words it’s not a digital mental institution.

Happy July 4!