It’s a beautiful Monday

morning. I’m not going to talk about things that annoy me, although there are many. A lot of this stuff can be avoided by not watching TV. I watch it so that you don’t have to, but it’s becoming increasingly unwatchable, more and more lately. I don’t really enjoy seeing how stupid people are becoming, but sometimes you have to know who or what you’re dealing with, and the only way to gauge it is by consuming popular culture. I’m not Amish otherwise I wouldn’t even own a TV. The vehicle of choice now for propagandizing everyone now is the cellphone. TV is too obvious, and a lot of the younger generation aren’t interested. Your phone is what is herding you through life when you search for something and read some kind of ‘news’ story. It’s very convenient and handy. That’s the problem. You have less control over any content that you see on there.

I almost never use my smart phone to look at the Internet, shop or do much at all. It’s good for finding a restaurant, or directions to somewhere, so it’s not all bad. I don’t text much, but I don’t call people much either. My phone will be mute for days, and I like it that way. Somewhat hypocritically I’ve started using Twitter, Instagram and yes, even TikTok. Because I have a semblance of a music career, these social media apps are helpful sometimes. I finally activated the Instagram account I’ve had for about 5 years, because the organization that collects my songwriting royalties asked for one. I figured I may as well sign up for all the others as well. Since Musk bought Twitter, it seems to have turned a corner, but I don’t really get into any political stuff there. It’s still overloaded with an abundance of stupid people. Twitter is like flies around a garbage can. Tiktok is like a lake of fire. If you fall in, that’s the end of you. It’s where you go to see tormented souls writhing in eternal agony in real time.

TikTok – a modern day portal into hell

Yes, it’s a beautiful sunny day. Full of potential, full of life. The birds are singing, the plants are growing. There’s no snow on the ground. There’s a light breeze. Things couldn’t be better. Well, things could always be better. I could be living in a Malibu beach house with 50 million dollars in the bank, but I can wait. Everyone’s here in the eternal now, anticipating what’s to come. We’ll always be here. The difference between living in a temperate climate and this one is that the summer is fleeting. In other places it’s always mild. You can do most things that you always do all year round. Up here it’s extremes.

Extremes create extremists. I’m not sure if it’s me though. I’m glad the summer has finally arrived, but it begins almost a frenzy of summer activities. Everything must be planted now, or it won’t grow before the winter comes back. The insects come out in droves etc etc. But I started out by saying I wasn’t going to talk about things that annoy me, so I won’t. What really annoys me are things that don’t make sense. That’s the foundation of much of the malaise of the world. People are so mean to each as well. What’s the point? Have a good week.

We’ll all be better after Rehab