It’s a late start

today. I just got back from up north. I drove down the throughway and it was 92 F at one point, Thank God for police quality A/C, although it’s probably no different from a regular ride. I may or may not have mentioned that in the spirit of the Blues Brothers, I drive a de-commissioned police cruiser. It came with a shotgun rack, a locking pistol case in the passenger headrest, and a portable jail in the back seat. There was also a very heavy roll bar which I figured I didn’t need. I took all of those things out and the car was so much lighter. People get out of my way on the throughway, that’s the best thing. That, and the acceleration. Oh baby.

If someone’s in the way, just go over them

I’m so behind that I had to have a third breakfast, because when I got here I was too hungry to be bothered making anything complicated. Toast and coffee, that was it. Before I left i did see something funny on the Bevster’s show. She was talking to a chap who looked a bit quare, and he was telling her all about the brand new alternative to Twitter, Zuckerberg’s “Thread”. Apparently Yuck wants to take on Elon Musk and be a righteous alternative to the now ruined Twitter. Mush-for-brains Bev told the fellow she was talking to, that after Musk bought it, Twitter “had gone horribly wrong”.

Progressives hate free speech – Musk’s Twitter is bad now

The facts of the matter are that the previous incarnation of Twitter had been a hive-mind of progressive propaganda, stifling any kind of dissent to the contrary. The old Twitter was totally comprised by the FBI, CIA and the Deep State. The old Twitter banned conservatives, and threw them off the platform for daring to question the insane far left view of the world that ran through it with lingering malevolence. The old Twitter shadow banned people, bullied them, and was a cesspool of degeneracy. The old Twitter unceremoniously THREW A SITTING PRESIDENT OFF THE PLATFORM!! (Nobody should ever forget that, it was a low point in Twitter’s previously grubby existence) The old Twitter ran election interference while unfairly accusing the opposition of doing the same.

Then Elon Musk purchased it, and largely brought back free speech, even though it was really just matter of letting conservatives actually have a voice, finally. The old Twitter was complete garbage, but according to the complete garbage reporting on it, the new Twitter is Hitler itself.

This utterly feculent “news” segment was really just a launch for Zuck’s bullshit app, which will be the same as Facebook, ie, censored speech and a controlled narrative. It’s going to be exactly like the old Twitter was, indeed! The stupidity involved in all of this never ceases to amaze me.