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Mournful Monday morning, January 23. Let’s see, what did I watch this morning? I started out with the ABC Down Under, and there was some dude talking about his personal problems. From what I could gather he was some kind of singer. He was talking about Savage Garden, so maybe he was the singer for them? I looked this fellow up on the world’s most trustworthy source of information, (apart from CNN, the BBC and the ABC, that is ) and sure enough, it was probably Darren Hayes. From Wikipedia, “Early life and education At school, Hayes was bullied and physically and verbally abused” Oh, poor baby. That just never happens to anyone much at school. It’s so very rare. How did he cope? Then he started saying that he had been homophobic in the past, but had gotten over it. The hostess on the couch beamed at him like he was the second coming. Then a video clip came on of Darren singing at some event. This made me instantly phobic, so I turned over to the BBC, where a self confessed gay politician, (he actually said during the interview, “I’m gay, and I was a priest in the Church of England”) was talking about some other politician being (sic) ‘Islamphobic’. The interview had nothing to to with gayness, so it seemed a kind of a bizarre outburst. So there was a couple of phobic events on TV this morning, but we got through them. This, mind you, was in the space of about ten minutes, which I is all the time I have to eat a piece of toast and drink a cup of tea.

This is Darren. He was married to a lady, but now he’s married to a man. He’s probably over the homophobia for good by now, one would think.

What the fucketty fuck, I said. I don’t need this shit, and so I proceeded to go about my daily business. Everyone will be thrilled to know that I have fixed my Digital Audio Workstation. It’s up and running perfectly. I was testing it out yesterday afternoon, listening to the 4 hours of recordings of potentially new songs that I have made in the last two years. Most of it is instrumental, a lot of it is aimless garbage. If I can think of something to say, they might turn into songs. I can’t think of much I’d like to say though, that wouldn’t piss people off or make them phobic about something somehow. Pop music, a lot of the time revolves around love and romance, and I’m not particularly feeling either. But then I’m not 25 years old and in love with some girl who I just met last week. I could be suffering from “lovephobia”. I dunno, I’ll think of something. It’s raining sleet today, or at least it was when I took the car to the mechanic to have the brakes done. I told the guy to go easy on the cost. His response was, “Well it is a BMW”. Great. I should have bought a cheap shit wagon, which would be less expensive to fix, but I didn’t. Fuck me. The brakes on this car haven’t been done for about seven years. Since I bought it actually. It’s overdue. A lot of things are.

We’re almost at the end of January, so spring is getting closer, as the weatherman for the British Southern region said on the BBC last night. If you have the BBC app, you can watch all kinds of stuff like that. The UK regional news is fascinating. I like hearing all the different accents. Sometimes when they are talking to people in the street in places like Scotland and Ireland, you almost need subtitles. There was an interesting story last night about a woman who had been born on the way to a German concentration camp. Her life was spared at the 11th hour because on the very day that she and her mother would have perished, the Germans ran out of gas. True story.

The Slaughtermen Espy tape was so popular, here’s some more Slaughts from not too long ago.