It’s been a nutty week.

It’s Friday, and yesterday there were riots in Dublin. They’re ongoing. It seems some of the people are getting tired of immigrants coming to their countries for a better life and making life worse for those around them. That’s what appears to be driving this, but we might have to wait a few days to know for sure. Like the “terror attack” at the Canadian border on Sunday, it might be just an out of control vehicle flying through the air like the Dukes of Hazzard’s General Lee.

Not the General Lee, but she’s airborne for sure.

The first rule in understanding journalism is that the ‘facts’ are very fluid. Until the correct narrative has been put in place, anything can be the truth. Usually at the end of it, the truth is the last thing that is considered. The General Lee was never out of control though, I feel I should mention that. It was only after the Confederate flag was considered ‘racist’ and cancelled that the Lee started to become out of control, and had to be put down. I just read that the couple killed in the Rainbow Bridge crash were going to see a Kiss concert. They might have been running late, so they decided to fly there perhaps.

The General Lee, now racist.

What else is happening in the world? A new version of “covid” has just dropped in China, big deal. From Newsweek, “Concerns that China is not sharing adequate information with the international community about an increase in “clusters” of respiratory illness in children have prompted members of the medical community to describe the situation as “eerily familiar.” Oh no, it’s covid again, just in time for the 2024 election. You may remember in 2020, that “covid” started at the end of 2019. It’s eerily familiar alright. They really think people are that stupid don’t they? I would avoid any new ‘vaccines’ for this, but that goes without saying. It’s an IQ test at this point.

Check out this guy. It’s not news because you know why.

Meanwhile the lying media ignores all of this, and keeps gaslighting everyone about everything, including the Irish riots. The globalist, Marxist extremists in the media are blaming anyone they don’t agree with as “extremists”. At this point being labeled an extremist by the media, means you’re most likely a perfectly sane, rational human being.

The Black Friday sales are on today, I think. It seems to have been going all month, but whatever. There’s nothing I want to buy. At least people aren’t lining up outside of Walmart for 8 hours anymore to get stomped to death by a herd stampeding to buy a toaster for ten bucks. Maybe I’ll start looking on Cyber Monday for something. At some point there’s nothing you really need other than a private island, and that’s expensive.

The best news last week was that CNBC has closed down their Climate Desk. While I was looking for that story I discovered that the New York Times has done it as well. Managing editor Dean Baquet said “the change was prompted by the shifting interdisciplinary landscape of news reporting. When the desk was created in early 2009, the environmental beat was largely seen as “singular and isolated,” he said. It was pre-fracking and pre-economic collapse. But today, environmental stories are “partly business, economic, national or local, among other subjects,”

Yes that’s it, the shifting interdisciplinary landscape. Ha ha! Happy Friday.

I totally want to go back to Japan