It’s been raining

this morning and I’m happy to report that the outside balcony that usually has turned into a bird bathtub by now, is free of water. There is no news today. The stupid wars are still going on. Most sane people, I imagine, want to get on with their lives and not have to be annoyed by any of this. Stop watching and believing TV, aka the “mainstream” media, and stop electing politicians who continue to support this garbage. That’s my advice, otherwise it will never end. Everything in the media is psychological warfare , and most people haven’t got a clue what is actually going on in the world. Remember that, everything is a psyop. The general public have been bullied and brainwashed into accepting the most ridiculous nonsense that a five year old would scoff at, and this is why we have these conflicts going on in places that really shouldn’t concern western countries at all.

That’s why people are still talking about “Climate Change” like it’s real. Carbon is a trace gas that is less than 2% of the atmosphere. That’s why there are calls for official inquiries into “covid” vaccine deaths and injuries, because it’s getting harder and harder to ignore them now. None of these things should have been happening in the first place, but anyone who articulates such ideas against “the current thing” will necessarily be labeled by the people who control media as a conspiracy theorist, or some kind of deranged person. That’s a given, so it is expected. If they’re not vilifying people who refuse to accept their narrative, then something is out of order. That’s how you know.

I can’t emphasize this enough. Stop participating in you own dumbing down. Turn off the garbage and do something with your life. Once you drag yourself away from needing to know what’s going on in the world via someone else’s idea of how you should think about it, you’ll find there’s a lot more to do and think about with your own free mind. I stopped paying attention to the “media” about a month ago, and briefly coming back to a small part of it, I realized that nothing changes at all. It’s literally the same bullshit every day presented in a different way, and sometimes in exactly the same way. If you talk to people they’ll probably agree, but nobody wants to go against the current thing in public. They’re too scared that they’ll be called a nut. It’s all very tedious.

I’m not gonna talk about it any more today. It’s stopped raining. I’ve got work to do. While looking for the Jerry Hicks tape yesterday I realized that I have a lot of stuff taking up space in closets and cupboards that I had forgotten about. It’s like the junk that’s cluttering up everyone’s head. Useless wastes of space. You think you’re gonna need it someday, but that day never comes, because you didn’t need to keep it in the first place. Today it’s all serious I know, but that comes from paying attention to the news for five minutes. It’s a fucking downer man. I had to switch on the heat for the first time on Monday. Like clockwork the seasons change. I wonder if there are seasons in space? I know there’s no Saturday in space. The seasons and the days of the week are a human made construct. I’m going to stop now before today’s journal falls off a cliff into the abyss.

Happy Fucking Friday.