It’s Friday so I’ve gotta

write something. What it’s gonna be is anyone’s guess. I went to the Price Chopper this morning and almost everything I purchased was 1/2 price. I like this “Chopper” because it’s still called the Price Chopper and not “Market 32” which is a gayed up version of the same thing with higher prices and specialty items. It seems my spell checker doesn’t recognize the word “gayed”. It must be gayed up as well. Is “gayed up”, some kind of hate speech now? Everyone knows what I mean, and I mean no harm btw. Whatever man. I intend to take hijacked words back, so I’m using it in the original context. ie happy and lighthearted. That’s what Market 32 is. Happy, lighthearted and expensive. So this morning I spent $13 and got to go back to pre Obamacare prices. That’s when everything started to get expensive. As soon as they started even talking about Obamacare, supermarket prices were going up. They haven’t gotten any cheaper as you know. It’s the “cost of living crisis”. No it’s fucking not.

The “crisis” was brought about by the Covid bullshit and everything getting permafucked like the supply chains and factories that make things. Energy prices have gone up because literal retards don’t understand the weather, and criminals in the United Nations keep spewing lies about C02 gas causing “climate change” At the bottom of this page I’m going to put a link to a Tucker Carlson interview with Dr Willie Soon, a brilliant Astrophysicist and Geoscientist, who was at Harvard for 31years. Every stupid, brainless cunt in the media, government and elsewhere, who keeps pushing this climate change/fossil fuel bullshit should be strapped into a chair and forced to watch the whole thing. The guy makes so much sense, it’s like a breath of fresh air into the fetid sewer that is the climate change narrative.

Anyhoo, back to this morning’s shopping. So for $13 I got a box of mushrooms, some organic collard greens, a dozen poppy seed bread rolls, a box of 4 caramel apple filled paczis, a lettuce, some tomatoes on the vine, hawaiian ginger, and a parsnip. The paczis I could have done without, but I can only eat half of one at a time, so that’s effectively eight for my purposes. At today’s uber (it means over and above, and it goes back to the work of German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. In 1883, Nietzsche coined the term “Übermensch” to describe the higher state to which he felt men might aspire.) inflationary prices that lot would have cost me at least $30. I love not paying overinflated prices for every fucking thing. The Price Chopper lived up to it’s name today.

There you go kids. We’ve all learned something today. I’m not quite sure what, but I strongly urge you to watch Dr Soon explaining to the all the no IQ cretins out there how Carbon Dioxide and other scientific things actually work in the real world, and not how they appear to do at the IPCC headquarters, up Al Gore ass or in Greta Thunberg’s imagination . It’s very entertaining and you’ll learn a lot. I did.

Happy Friday.