It’s Friday the Thirteenth!

The trouble in the Middle East continues on….. I don’t really care. I’m so not interested in what happens in the Middle East, it’s not funny. We should keep out of it. Is it too much to ask? George Washington, in his farewell address to the nation, expressed his views on foreign relations with a warning against “permanent inveterate antipathies against particular Nations,” as well as “a passionate attachment of one Nation for another.” The first, he argued, would lead to unnecessary war, while the second would result in unwise treaty concessions, which could arouse the ill-will of other countries expecting fair treatment. Washington counseled the public to be wary of foreign influence. He argued for impartial commercial treaties, but against treaties of permanent alliance, although the United States should fulfill any existing agreements “with perfect good faith.” Subsequently, nobody seems to have listened to any of this, so here we are doing exactly what he said we shouldn’t be doing. You’d have to sift back through the last 200 years of history to find out how this happened, I’m not going over it today.

Let George do it.

Nobody wants a fucking war. Only people who are going to benefit from it financially or otherwise. Look at Ukraine. I’d rather not. Most people in this country, I am certain, do not want be involved in this. Similarly they do not want to be involved in the endless Middle East conflict. This has been going on before the USA even existed, and it will continue to even if the USA ever exists again. It’s not our war to fight. All the inhabitants of these areas seem to do is cause problems among themselves. If you question the sanity of any of this, you may have a badge slapped on you by certain people labeling you as an anti-semite. Like the “Covid vaccines”, nobody needs to be “inoculated” against free thought. People should be allowed to express an opinion without being shitcanned for disagreeing with some particular narrative.

Ancient battle between the Sumerians and Semites..this stuff has been going on for ever.

It’s a device used to pour water over any questions or criticism. In fact, it has nothing to do with Semites. The google tells us that a Semite is a “member of any of various ancient and modern peoples originating in southwestern Asia, including the Akkadians, Canaanites, Phoenicians, Hebrews, and Arabs.”. By that definition anyone who says bad things about the Palestinians is guilty of being an anti-semite also. That skews the argument entirely. What about the Akkadians you might ask? According to the google, they ruled Mesopotamia from 2300 BC to 2100 BC. The Akkadians were followers of the ancient polytheistic Sumerian religion, and they specifically worshiped the powerful triumvirate of An, Enlil, and Enki.

An – the Sky Captain…looks happy enough, why wouldn’t he be?

Who is the god An? I’ve never heard of this cat. An, or Anu, was the sky god. He was “the divine personification of the sky, king of the gods, and ancestor of many of the deities in ancient Mesopotamian religion. He was regarded as a source of both divine and human kingship, and opens the enumerations of deities in many Mesopotamian texts. At the same time, his role was largely passive, and he was not commonly worshiped.” ….. I could do this c/p all day….There’s a whole Wikipedia page about this. It’s not something you would casually read, but gives you an insight into how humans have always had to believe in some thing to get through the day. The whole thing is nuts if you ask me.

Happy Fucking Friday.