It’s Hump Day.

In fact it’s a dry hump day. There’s a whole fucking article on Yahoo! (of course) about why it’s so good for you and your partner. It’s technical term is “frottage” or “outercourse”. I’m distracted today because I’ve still got work to do on the HS. I’m just shit posting garbage, and you don’t have to read it at all. The “news” is such utter garbage that this garbage is probably more palatable. It’s hard to image how much more people could be disgusted with what the “media” narrative seems to be. If I even catch a glimpse of any of it, I want to projectile vomit.

Nothing is happening, meaning that stuff is probably happening, but the the powers that be, would rather you not know about it. There’s a lot of talk about World War Three, which also means that arms manufacturers are looking at making some money. Here’s some info about them.

My uncle was a Spitfire pilot in the Korean war

The world puts $1.69 trillion towards military expenditures per year, and about $375 billion of that goes towards buying arms specifically.

This 2016 chart from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute organizes the world’s top arms companies by sales, location, and arms as a percentage of sales: I’m not going to reproduce their chart in full, but the top ten companies combined generate about $150 Billion in sales. I’ve removed the names of the companies because I’m not naming and shaming people here, it’s just to illustrate what countries make the most arms and where they rank in sales, and I also can’t get rid of the chart now at all without starting over, so it stays.

RankCompanyCountryArms sales (2016)Arms as % of sales

You can see there is a lot of money in arms sales. Also this chart is almost 10 years old, so it’s probably a hell of a lot more by now. I’m not saying we don’t need weapons to defend ourselves. Clearly we do, but if there’s more and more conflict in the world, the people who make arms will make more profit. That’s not a conspiracy theory, that’s a fact. That’s why talk of World War Three could be making some interested parties who stand to profit from it, enthusiastic about it. The question is, do they influence politicians who make these decisions about going to war? In 1964, Prime Minister of Sweden Tage Erlander put forward the idea of establishing a peace research institute to commemorate Sweden’s 150 years of unbroken peace, and that’s how the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute was founded. Their website tells us that they are interested in Climate Change, so all bets are off as to whether or not it’s a reliable source of information.

The way things are going we can expect a lot of War movies in the foreseeable future

Since the fake pandemic it has become much easier to figure out who has any clue at all about how things work in the world. If you failed to understand what was going on during that monstrosity, and let the government media complex dictate what you should be thinking, you only have yourself to blame for what happens to you. Similarly, at this point in time if you still believe anything the government media complex tells you, you have failed to understand that it’s generally the opposite of what is true. Remember these are my opinions only, and you can take them or leave them.

That’s all. I’ve got to get back to editing now.