It’s just another

Manic Monday. I’m tired of AI assisting me already. Every time I go to “Bing” which is Microsoft’s search engine, AI is at the ready to assist me. The problem is that instead of just showing me the results on a page, the cunt of a thing now types them out, presumably to show me that’s working. “Oh look, AI is typing out my answer, that’s so cool! ” No it’s fucking not. It’s fucker uber annoying. Then the cunt opens up a prompt below the typed out answer and says, “Ask me anything.” How about I tell you to fuck off?” Why am I even using Bing in the first place, you might ask? Because Google is worse and more biased, and the rest of them are shit. Use “Duck Duck Go” they say. First of all the name is fucking stupid and the results come from Google. They’re all shit, but sometimes I can’t get the answers I want from 4chan or some other fringe conspiracy web site. It’s so tiresome I know.

They who control the flow of information, control you, just so you know. I’d like to talk about something else, but nobody is listening anyway. The “Influencers” hold sway now. The fact that they are paid propagandists and shills for commerce and destructive left wing social narratives is lost on their millions of followers. Just keep consuming the garbage. Don’t ask questions, it’s complicated. Apparently there is a summit of experts and rich people at Davos this week. The Associated Press tells us that, “The Earth is heating up, as is conflict in the Middle East. The world economy and Ukraine’s defense against Russia are sputtering along, and artificial intelligence could upend all our lives.” At this year’s Davos summit “Over 60 heads of state and government, including Israeli President Isaac Herzog and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy will be heading to town to hold both public appearances and closed-door talks. They’ll be among more than 2,800 attendees, including academics, artists and international organization leaders.” Have fun reading it. No doubt there are all going to ride public transport or bicycles to get there.

Nobody, absolutely nobody at Davos will be doing this now or ever. That’s for the sheep.

People ain’t buying it any more. Let me know when they stop talking about Anthropogenic climate change like it’s real, and I might start paying attention. Some “scientists” are said to be working on a new mystery virus called “Disease X” , an unidentified and potential future pandemic caused by animal viruses capable of infecting humans and spreading globally. The Davos crowd will be discussing how to deal with it after warnings from “experts” that a hypothetical new pandemic named ‘Disease X’ could kill 20 times more people around the world than Covid-19.