It’s Tuesday and

nothings working. It’s bizarre. Things that worked in one place, now don’t work in another. Things that worked yesterday, don’t work today. I’ll figure it out though, but I’ll write something here now so I don’t have to deal with this shit for a while. This is the zombie part of the year, between Christmas and New Years. I went to the store this morning and they’re still playing Xmas music. No, stop it already. It’s over. Someone needs to start writing and recording New Year music, that they could play in this dead week, where nothing happens. Fuck it. I hate the whole thing. There’s only 4 and a half days left of 2023, make it go away. It’s been a shitty year, but then every year since the stolen election in 2020 and the fake pandemic has been shitty.

The magnetic poles are shifting and the earth’s magnetic field is starting to weaken. There is evidence that the sun is a recurring micronova star. There is a theory that the extinquishing event that wiped out the dinosaurs was the result of a solar micronova and not an asteroid hitting the earth. It was in fact, debris from a micronova blast that impacted the earth. Some are saying that another major event such as this is on the horizon, hence the pushing of the ‘climate change’ meme. The earth is under attack alright, but it’s always been the activity of the sun. Science knows little about the universe, and what little it knows is not enough to make any difference in what the universe does, because the universe will do whatever it wants. The ‘climate change’ propaganda is to lull, and at the same time bully people into thinking that we have control over the planet and subsequently everyone should be controlled so that they don’t destroy the fragile earth.

Evidence of the sun’s activity has been found on the moon. Rocks made of glass, glass splatter and “drill holes” in rocks which appear to have been ongoing over time were found by astronauts. In an extreme example, a solar micronova could crush the earth’s magnetic field and snuff out the earths entire power grid. That would be the least of our problems. Parts of the surface of the earth would literally be melted. There is physical evidence that this has happened before. It is thought that the universe has sheets of magnetic electricity running through it at all times. Nobody really understands how this works, but scientists think that it might have something to do with these micronova events which occur everywhere. The sun goes through an eleven year cycle, this much we know, but it is suggested that there may be a major event as these waves of galactic electro magnetic sheets cross the path of the sun every ten to fifteen thousand years. The poles reverse, ice starts to form on the face of the earth, and dust from the blast will block the sun causing a nuclear winter. This could be starting to happen right now.

There are a a few youtube videos which attempt to explain all of this, and I’ll post one below. I have tried to write it down here in as simple a manner that I can, and I may have gotten some of it wrong, but if you to examine it further, check out the video link. Strange things are happening that’s for sure, and it seems like the more we know the less we know. There are some fun times ahead.