I’ve published 196

daily journals since I moved this website over to another server. Time goes quickly. I can’t remember most of it, but most of it was reasonably thought out I think. Does anyone read it? I don’t know. Maybe a few people. I do get the odd comment, which is encouraging. That I have the time to sit down for an hour everyday to write this is a good thing. It’s like mental exercise. I have to be paying attention to ensure that something goes on the page that makes at least a modicum of sense. Now that I’ve just about sworn off writing about politics, it has become harder, but not impossible. I have to write more about things that I do, or concern me. A lot of it is very mundane as you can imagine.

The endless road which ends up at Monument Valley, Utah

Living in the eternal now has its challenges. It’s probably a good idea to make the most of the endless ribbon of “nowness” given that at some point it might disappear and become “everness”, and god knows what that’s gonna be like. The most interesting news item today is the Titanic tourist sub that has disappeared. I remember reading about the Titanic years ago, and this was before it had been discovered. At one point it dawned on me that was this grotesque mangled monstrous ship wreck laying at the bottom of the ocean that nobody had set eyes upon from the day it sank beneath the waves. All of a sudden it gave me that creepy hairs on the back of the neck feeling. It was almost as if I had been transported there for a moment.

Annette Kellerman to the rescue. *

Sometimes life feels like that. We’re trapped in this bubble of time, and the oxygen is running out. Ah, but now I’m getting maudlin and it’s only Tuesday. I really want to start editing the video that I shot on the weekend, but I’m nowhere near the place I’d be doing it. The good news was that as soon as I looked at the lawn up here, I could see that the fucking skunk hadn’t been tearing it apart. Maybe because the grass is getting long, I don’t know, but it was something I was glad to see. The ground cunt hogs have been excavating the same entrance under the front porch again, so I threw a giant boulder down there. That ought to stop them for a while. Unfortunately the previous owner, abandoned any plans of preventing them from establishing a presence under the house years ago. The floor of the middle downstairs room has an interesting bow in it. I can’t imagine anyone would use such shitty foundations, so I thing the cunt hogs and their underground tunnels have collapsed whatever was holding the floor up. These motherfucking critters are destructive.

Nature can be a cunt at times. I’ve never had girlfriends that bad. Maybe a couple…