Joe O’Brien

the ABC Newsreader, is a fucking liar. It’s Wednesday. Why do I say this? Last night I was watching the ABC Morning News, and Joe O’Brien told everyone that Donald Trump had “falsely claimed that the 2020 election was stolen”, that’s why. Having heard that, there are a few conclusions that I can come to.. Joe is either 1. a left wing moron, 2. an ignoramus, or 3. parrots whatever he sees on the teleprompter, not caring that it’s true or not. The only problem is that what Joe said isn’t true. Blind fucking Freddie can see it isn’t true, but either way, based on what he said, Joe is still a liar. Ignorant or otherwise. Joe, if he was actually functioning as an impartial deliverer of the news, would have left out the word “falsely”, but he didn’t, so now it’s unequivocally left wing propaganda. It’s not how you want people to perceive you, as a “trusted news source”. I’m sure “Media Watch” with that annoying pom Paul Barry, will be on to it though.

Paul Barry – Media Watch. An annoying supercilious git

The Australian Broadcasting Commission’s promo goes something like this. “The ABC News is Free (it isn’t) and it can be trusted” (it can’t be) Joe, as one of the figureheads of this domestic terrorist organization masquerading as a “trusted news source”, is doing his part by lying through his teeth about things that are demonstrably untrue. I hope someone tells Joe to his face that he’s a liar, because he needs to hear it. Maybe he thinks he is telling the truth? Joe wouldn’t like that idea at all, I would imagine. His shtick appears to be, “I’m just a regular Aussie bloke”. “I love everyone, and we’re all just a big happy family here at the ABC, bringing you the news in a nice, friendly manner.” He’s breezy and cheery and greats his guests with a friendly “g’day”. Nice bloke is Joe, everyone knows it. Yeah, but you’re a fucking liar, and I don’t care who hears or reads me saying it, because that’s the real truth.

These are the things that disgust me on a daily basis, and I don’t have to wonder why, when ever I talk to Australians about the US, they seem to be in possession of all the facts, and I know nothing. It’s because of people like Joe O’Brien who spread disinformation on TV. Fake news is what it is, brought to you by fake people like Joe O’Brien. I can’t find out who the head of the ABC news department is, but he/she/them/they/theirs/itz is probably the one more directly responsible for all the fake news. Joe has a privileged job whereby he gets to be a famous public figure based on his TV exposure. He should be more concerned about the facts, and not just being a mindless puppet in that case.

Breezy Joe O Brien – rat fink propagandist for the left.

That wasn’t the only sin committed yesterday. These assholes started off their broadcast with some pure unadulterated criminal bullshit that the IPCC threw out about “the final chance we all have to save the planet”. Basically it was, “Western Nations need to accelerate their decline, because it’s not happening quickly enough.” Queensland senator Malcolm Roberts had something to say about that. Unfortunately before that, there is a minute or so of a mindless drone repeating UN talking points, but it’s worth the wait.

Of course the rats at the ABC, who seem to hate ordinary Australians, will never show you that because they are a mouthpiece for globalism, the UN and Progressivism/Communism. Who can forget the festering idiot with his daily “covid” updates? I can’t remember his name, but he was a dopey looking slob with a chart that he stood in front of, displaying all manner of alarmist bullshit. Day in and day out this went on. Where’s that other cretin, Dr Norman Swan these days? Will he be showing up to educate us all about the increase in excess deaths because of the untested MRNA gene therapy that he frightened people into taking? Where is that fool? Nowhere to be seen of course.

To sum up, Australian Broadcasting Commission propaganda is a danger to your wealth, your health, your children’s health, and society in general. It’s not “a trusted news source” and it’s not free. Ironically the ABC website has a ‘fact check’ page. Lol, Lmao even….My sides.