Kids, it’s Friday.

The weekend starts here. Actually the weekend never starts. I don’t have a job, having given up on that about idea about 30 years ago. Of course I do have a career as a very obscure post punk figure, from a band that everyone has forgotten about from 30 years ago. Nobody cares. Well maybe a few do, but the rest of the actual band don’t give a shit. They never talk to me, and never visit me. I still think they haven’t forgiven me for A, moving to Sydney, and then B, moving to the US. I had to. Like yesterday’s Coloradian Soy People, it was a suffocating hallucination living there. Firstly Melbourne, which my family had lived in for about five generations, and then Sydney where I think they almost went back to the First Fleet. I had every reason to stay, but no desire to.

That’s my great great x 2 grandfather, Captain Catlan in the ship on the right.

I’m not the only one. I wonder if any one else gets the silent treatment? I don’t care, although I like talking about it. It fascinates me how people’s minds work (or don’t). My own mind is a mystery as well, which is how we got here in the first place. The only way I can make sense of anything is to write everything down, and maybe I’ll be able to negotiate the senselessness that currently masquerades as Westen Civilzation.

As Autumn approaches next week, I’ve been repairing things in anticipation of the winter weather. When your house is more than 130 years old, you can’t just expect everything to stay as it was. The rain, squirrels, bats and god knows what else gets in, and it’s a fucking pain in the ass. If you don’t stop these things before they become a problem they become a real problem. Since I have been burned by unscrupulous tradesmen in the past, I am reluctant to hire them unless I really can’t fix something myself.

I can do a better job, because I’m generally more intelligent! Ah, I don’t want this to be about me and how smart I am. I don’t feel like talking at all actually, but since I’ve comitted to write this daily journal, I’m going to continue. What’s happening on the weekend? Band rehearsal most likely. I won’t be going out. I don’t really go out much. I don’t like restaurant food, and even more, I don’t like how much it costs. A modest meal for two here in the North East is now going to set you back at least $70, and that’s without drinks. It’s stupid. The food was never that good in the first place.

Oh, how they had fun in the Middle Ages!

This whole journal today is turning into an antagonistic sadistic hallucination, so I have to be mindful of what I’m saying. Formerly sweet, mild mannered little darlings have been known to flip out after having to absorb harmless words someone ejaculated all over them. In fact everything is great. The weather has finally improved a little, and since I stopped watching any kind of media, I’m a lot less disturbed by any of it. I saw some people wearing masks today. They were Asian, and not Indians which the media have decided that is what Indians and Pakistanis should be now called.

I’ve seen a few instances of this mask wearing lately. It tells me that there is probably some kind of fear campaign operating at the moment that I’m unaware of, because I don’t watch the “news”. I hear people still talking about “Covid”, and how they just had “Covid”, or someone they know just got “Covid”. They feel sick and they get tested, and it’s “Covid”.

I’m honestly baffled by all of this. I don’t even think “Covid” is real. I know I had the flu in 2019, before so-called “Covid” came along, and I got over it. I haven’t had the flu since. I never liked the idea of an annual flu shot anyway, and why would I need a vaccination for something that my natural immunity allowed me to recover from? I think these people getting “Covid” all the time are the vaccinated, and it’s the “vaccine” that keeps making them sick. A lot of people think this too. It’s a very dark place that I don’t want to go into, and I am loathe to talk to anyone about any of this anymore.

The masks can come off now

Masks demonstrably, never worked, yet people are still wearing them like a talisman. They might make you feel safe, but they do fuck all, unless it’s to incubate all the bacteria in your lungs that you normally would expel. Don’t think for a moment that the psychopaths in the government have dropped the idea of never forcing people to wear these useless things ever again. This could be the early stages of a “new and more deadly variant”. There’s an election coming up next year. It would be really helpful if people stayed at home and mailed in their votes like they did in 2020. It would save so many lives.

You want to save lives don’t you?

Happy Friday.

This is from a while back. Nice feedback…..OUCH!