Last night

CNN hosted a town hall with Trump in New Hampshire. Trump was being Trump as usual, but the moderator was insufferable. I had to turn it off several times due to the complete rudeness and insanity that was spewing from this dreadful woman. It was as if the Spanish Inquisition was moderating a debate with someone accused of being a witch in Salem in 1692. Someone commented on a website that this woman “represented everything that’s wrong with America”. I would say “everything that is wrong with the left”. America is fine, these types of people don’t even belong here. They’re in the wrong country. Communist China or North Korea might be more suitable. They make those places seem quite benign though. I don’t know where she belongs. Strapped to a rocket headed for Alpha Centauri? There’s no room for disagreement with the party line there, and she was most certainly a Democrat operative. Fair and balanced it wasn’t. Most of the audience were on Trump’s side though. The most irritating part of this shit show was CNN pushing the deceitful narrative that the 2020 election was fair and honest, to the point of ramming it down the throats of the audience members they talked to after the event. It was like a scene out of Orwell’s 1984. The idea wasn’t to make Trump look good, but the people aren’t as stupid as CNN imagines they are. Someone at CNN will probably get their ass kicked because it all went horribly wrong for them. The progressives melting down all over Twitter about it was comedy gold.

CNN at the very moment Trump says correctly that the 2020 election was rigged

It’s all so fucking tiresome. Fuck these people. They’re insane. Predictable though, which is why progressives and their death cult is unsustainable in the long run. In the short run even, as Joe Biden and his family have now been caught allegedly funneling millions of dollars from foreign entities into shell companies to line their pockets. If CNN worth worth anything at at all it would host a town hall with Biden, and have a Republican friendly moderator running it. Hell, even a neutral talking head would be fine. They won’t do it though, because Joe couldn’t keep up. There would have to be a battery of prompters in his earpiece on standby to tell him what to say.

In other news, I’ve been busy working on some tunes for my new project. It’s a bit rough and ready, but I’m going for a less refined sound. It’s going to be loud guitars and drums I think. I don’t know, I might just decide it’s all rubbish and start again. It’s hard to tell until I’ve chipped away the musical excesses. It’s like carving stone sometimes.

It was very quiet here last night. No planes were flying over, and there wasn’t much traffic in the street. You’d think you were in the middle of nowhere. The film crew has packed up and left. I’m getting nothing on the scanner. No chatter, just carrier waves that sound like static. I know about these things because I have a friend in Nashville who owns a radio station. Years ago I recorded some station IDs for him. For about ten years my voice was heard on the Nashville airwaves every hour on the hour. I got more airtime than Garth Brooks for quite a while. What a shame it didn’t pay any royalties.

The late Rev Morgan Babb, owner and president of Nashville radio station WMDB-880 AM

The other station I liked there was called WMDB aka “The Big Mouth”. As a sign of the times, it’s now a Mexican Radio station, but back then it was an RnB/Black gospel station that I listened to a lot. It preceded rap music, so the music was good. Gospel in the morning and R n B after midday. They had it goin’ on. It was Rockin’ and Rollin’. That’s what Trump said the economy was doing when he was president. The ‘nasty person’ opposite him was practically foaming at the mouth ready to denounce it and say it was all untrue.