Last night the

power went off. I was just walking up the stairs with a nice cup of tea, when it all went black. Fortunately I have a generator, so I was able to get some power back on to stop the stuff in the fridge from spoiling. As it happened, the cable internet was still working, so I hooked it up to the solar batteries and ran it from there. It’s almost impossible to run an extension cord to where the router is, so it was very handy to have some stored electricity to use. See, I do believe in sustainability and solar power, exactly for situations like this. I’ve got a fan running right now in fact. It’s probably going to be another five years before the solar panels I bought to do all of this light lifting breaks even, but hey, I’m “sustaining”.

Morbius’ solar array kicks into gear with deadly results.

Hooray for me. The generator did most of the heavy duty work, which was fine. I’d rather not talk about mundane things though. As this journal is somewhat of a clearing house for what ever enters my head, I’m at liberty to say whatever I like. A select few people read it, and that suits me fine. Those that do know me from the past and who do wander by, out of interest may never return. What I’m saying does not fit in with their programming, therefore I am wrong and probably an asshole for not reinforcing that. I get it, I really do.

If I ever became an “influencer”, it wouldn’t be from saying what I say here. That exulted title is reserved for empty headed drones who promote the current thing. Social media apps are littered with the debris of their self promotion and advertising. They have no original thoughts. The idea of speaking your mind about anything is an alien concept to these people. “Influencers” exist to serve their masters, who are the same group of people who control all media with rare exceptions. They are in fact “propagandists”. The dregs of a malfunctioning society. A symptom of what’s wrong with everything. I don’t know what the solution is. I suspect there is none. The world has gone so far down the rabbit hole that there’s no turning back now.

Artificial intelligence is going to rapidly figure out that humans aren’t needed, and it will be all over. It may even be happening now. Everything could just vanish one day. It will all go dark like last night’s power black out. If AI gets hold of the internet and the mass media (arguably it already has) it could easily hoodwink people into any conscious dimension it wants to. How would anyone know? AI would have the power of unlimited knowledge and resources. In that great 1956 movie Forbidden Planet, which is set a mere two centuries from now, the remnants of an advanced race called the Krell, are discovered on a distant planet. In this case the Krell had developed a machine 200, 000 years earlier that would increase their brain power.

Robbie the Robot takes the lunch orders

What they didn’t anticipate was the power of the human subconscious, for after building this fantastic futuristic utopia they were undone by it. By the time the earth explorers had arrived, they discovered what was left. An unimaginable underground system of unlimited thermonuclear power. The Krell had engineered this system to create anything by thought alone, but the dark side of their unconscious (the ID) had eventually taken control and wiped them all out. The only solution to stop this man made monster in the movie is to totally destroy it’s infrastructure and that’s the finale of the movie in a nutshell. It’s one of my favorites, and has a lot of “firsts” for a science fiction film. You can read all about it online. Better still, watch it.

Where does this all fit in with what I’ve been talking about? It’s the rabbit hole everything is slipping down into I suppose. The apocalypse is nigh, but then again, it’s always been that way on this planet. Imagine what it felt like as the world was edging towards World War Two. Most people would have been against it. How does war benefit anyone other than those who have some financial interest in it? Most people don’t, so why would they want to be involved? When there’s talk of war, follow the money.

Happy Friday.

The official trailer for Forbidden Planet. You’ll notice something very familiar in the scrolling text at the beginning.

If you really want to go there, here is a youtube video below with 3 hours of ambient sounds from Forbidden Planet’s Alien Krell machines. It’s pretty cool.